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Kald Lau is a character in Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey.

Kald is a calm and composed historian from the Symbol People. Due to the pranks his sister would play on him, he has a phobia of women. This doesn't seem to apply to Annelies Exner or those of child-like stature like Firis.


Kald is a historian that Firis and Liane encounter in a ruin near Flussheim and Dona. He is a playable party member and, like the other playable characters, has his own ending. It's necessary to complete Atomina and Meklet's questline to continue with Kald's events at higher friendship values.

The Symbol People have recorded the history of others for ages, but Kald comes to wonder about their own history, which hasn't been recorded. With Firis' help he is able to find out about his ancestor, who was Plachta and Luard's student and friend 500 years ago. The two are also similar enough in apperance that Plachta mistook him for her student at one point.

In Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings, Firis and Ilmeria discuss what he might be up to, and figure he's probably still on his journey recording history.



Kald uses a gun as his primary weapon, and staves and daggers as secondary weapons.


He can equip light and medium armors.



Active skills

Skill Learning condition MP cost Description Target Attribute
One Shot Default 0 MP Gun normal attack. Single enemy Piercing
Piercing Shot 19 MP Fires penetrating round, dealing piercing attribute damage to target. Attack is not affected by defense. Single enemy Piercing
Void Shot 28 MP Fires nullifying round, dealing piercing attribute damage. Purges 1 enhancement effect. Single enemy Piercing

Passive skills

Skill Learning condition Description
Quick Assist Increases fill rate of the Chain Burst Gauge by 30%. Bonus does not apply to the actions of anyone but Kald.
Record Keeper Increases exp points gained by 25%. Does not stack with exp bonuses. Gain slay effect against magic enemies.
Latent Leadership Increases effect of Support Guard by 20%, and increases power of positive effects by 30%.
Tribe's Determination Increases damage when attacking weak points by 20%, and cannot be afflicted by Seal ailment.

Chain skills

Skill % chain Description
Support Guard Defense Shield Firis, taking damage in her place. Reduces damage taken by 50%.
Concentrated Fire 130% Deals powerful piercing attribute damage to the target. This damage is not affected by defense.
Absolute Precision Fire 150% Deals very powerful piercing attribute damage to the target. This damage is not affected by defense.