Sage of Oblivion & the Secret Paradise

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Sage of Oblivion & the Secret Paradiser is a special boss event of Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator for the global release of the game.

Progress through the event story featuring Reisalin Stout and friends, take on boss battles, and challenge the high-difficulty EX Challenge battles!

Earn a variety of rewards, including Lodestar Gems, Sacred Orbs, and Experience Candy III!

You can also unlock limited-time event recipes by completing boss battles.

Limited-Time Event Recipe

Item Effect
Helioprox While equipped to a character with Slash affinity, boosts stun damage by 10%.
Golden Mail While equipped to a Supporter, after using a skill, boosts all allies skill damage by 2% for 1 turn.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Empel Vollmer wakes up in an unfamiliar place, disoriented and unsure of his surroundings. Like many Wanderers before him, he's lost in this strange realm, his thoughts clouded by confusion. As he wanders around, he encounters Rorolina Frixell, who kindly offers her help upon seeing his disorientation. He asks to be taken to a place bustling with people, so she guides him to the Star's Cocoon Cafe, where he unexpectedly reunites with his former companions from the events in Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout. However, it becomes apparent that Empel's memory is faulty, and he struggles to recall anything related to alchemy. This includes the purpose of his previous journey and any encounters with Reisalin Stout and her friends. In order to help Empel regain his memories, the old party decides to complete a request, which consists of investigating the ruins known as Paradise, together like they used to. Before leaving, Ryza changes into clothes similar to Empel's, as a joke about the fact that unlike the past when Empel was the one teaching Ryza, their roles are now reversed.

On their way to the ruins, the group reminisce about the past to try to bring back Empel's memories. He learns that Lila Decyrus was initially her travel companion but when asking her to tell him stories about their adventures, she seems upset and only gives him a vague answer. To lighten up the mood, Ryza brings up the time Empel saved them with alchemy, which led her to become his apprentice.

Sage of Oblivion 1.jpg

At last, they arrive to the ruins "Paradise". Empel points out to the peculiar name of the ruins and Tao replies that adventurers were the ones who named it such because some ended up never returning after setting foot in the ruins. As they go further, they fall upon a gate and Lila mentions that Empel's journey was also related to similar gates. They pass through the gate and find themselves in another world. Ryza and Klaudia find the place rather uncanny though, as an artificial world made by the relic the Tree of Creation. Their suspicions about this world being fake only grow stronger as Tao finds plants that should never have existed in Lantarna. They are interrupted by an adventurer pursued by monsters and save him. After learning that the monsters of this world are rather persistent, they assume that they must be guardians protecting the place from intruders.

Sage of Oblivion 2.jpg
Ryza and Klaudia

The group encounters another gate and ventures into a new land. For the first time, they stumble upon a building, accompanied by records explaining that this dimension was created by alchemists as a refuge from an impending disaster. Further investigation reveals more evidence confirming the involvement of monsters in this realm. However, their exploration is interrupted once more by the appearance of another adventurer being pursued by a monster. Realizing that monsters can traverse the gates, they understand that reaching the gate won't ensure the adventurer's safety. Moved by this realization so they rush to aid him. Later, Tao discovers a diary containing old records kept by someone who worked in "Paradise" under the thumb of the alchemists. With this newfound knowledge, they conclude that the monsters were not intended to thwart intruders but rather to prevent those within from escaping.

While exploring, they stumble upon more shrines. However, one shrine summons a powerful stone monster that knocks Klaudia and Ryza into the lake. After drying off, Lila and Ryza discuss whether they should help Empel regain his memories. Lila believes Empel might be happier without remembering his painful past, but Ryza wonders if he's truly happy as he is.

The group checks out the mysterious shrine and find records on the gates' construction, so the key to "Paradise", which the monsters tried to protect. Thanks to this, Ryza is able to figure out a recipe to make an item that will close the gates, as they deem this world to be too dangerous despite brimming with rare materials. She goes back to the Atelier with Klaudia, Tao and Lent while Lila and Empel stay back to hold off the monsters. While at the Atelier, Ryza crafts what they need then seek advice from her friends regarding what she discussed with Lila, they end up agreeing that it doesn't matter if Empel regains his memories or not as long as he is happy.

Ryza closing the gate
Empel and Ryza fighting alongside
Sage of Oblivion 5.jpg

As they meet up at the first gate, Ryza uses her neutralizer to seal it off. However, just as they're about to breathe a sigh of relief, monsters spring forth, sparking a heated skirmish. Despite the odds stacked against them, Ryza's unwavering optimism uplifts Empel, prompting a flood of memories. Empowered by this newfound resolve, Empel repels the monsters and definitively closes the gate. However, the strain of exerting his full power kocks him off and elicite concern from his companions. Fortunately, he soon regains consciousness, his memory fully restored and the group rejoice. Empel observes Ryza's disappointment regarding this revelation but acknowledges overhearing her conversation with Lila. While he initially appreciated her concern for his well-being in not wanting his memory to return, he doesn't want her to be saddened by the loss of their bond. He explains that losing these memories would be far more agonizing.

On their way back, Empel compliments Ryza, acknowledging her growth and finding joy in the realization that the true allure of alchemy might be found in the adventures it entails. Despite having just regained his memory, Empel shows no inclination to take a break. Instead, he firmly declares his intention to part ways with his companions. He recognizes that Ryza has her own objectives to pursue in this world, while he is resolved to follow his own path, driven by his original goal of addressing the nefarious deeds of evil alchemists as they just did for "Paradise".

Special Resources


Battle Rec. PWR Resources
Battle 1
*Celebration Medal
*Goat's Milk
Battle 2
*Celebration Medal
*Dream Flower
Battle 3
*Celebration Medal
*Forest Sage
Battle 4
*Celebration Medal
*Goat's Milk
Battle 5
*Celebration Medal
*Dream Flower
Battle 6
*Celebration Medal
*Forest Sage
Battle 7
*Celebration Medal
*Goat's Milk
*Rainbow Gemstone
Battle 8
*Celebration Medal
*Dream Flower
*Golden Crown
Battle 9
*Celebration Medal
*Forest Sage
Battle 10
*Celebration Medal
*Goat's Milk
*Rainbow Gemstone
*Forest Sage
*Dream Flower
Golden Crown
Emperor Uni


  • Event period and content are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Once this event has concluded, content appearing in this event may appear again as limited edition content, or as part of regular content.


  • During the duration of the event, the home screen was changed to show Ryza, Empel, and Klaudia in the Atelier.