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Requests are a game mechanic present throughout the entire series. They are optional side-quests that grant the player rewards such as money and items.

Atelier Rorona

There are two types of requests: Front Quests and Friend Quests.

Atelier Rorona Plus

Like the original game, there are Front Quests and Friend Quests, both types available from Esty at the palace's front desk.

Front Quests

Front Quests raise the workshop popularity when completed. The amount of popularity points awarded isn't fixed, and depends on several factors, but it's normally between 0,5% and 1%.

At the start of the game, only gathering and synthesis quests are available. From the fourth assignment onward, bounty quests (i.e. defeating certain monsters) become available.

Starting with the third assignment, additional requirements are added to each quest (such as the item having certain quality or certain trait); these requirements are optional, but provide Vouchers when completed.

Friend Quests

Friend Quests raise the friendship level with the requesting character in particular when completed.

Unlike Front Quests, characters only ask for synthesized items.

The amount of friendship points awarded depends on the quality of the item given, following this formula:

Quality of the item Friendship points
S 7
A 5
B 3
C, D and E 2

Since the friendship values got from traveling with the party members caps at 60, doing Friend Quests is the only way to raise their friendship beyond that amount. Also, doing Friend Quests is the only way to raise the friendship of NPCs (Tiffani, Hagel, Pamela and Cole).

Atelier Totori

In Atelier Totori, requests can be accepted from Gerhard in Alanya and, eventually, from Filly in Arland. Most of the requests have a time limit.

Party members can also come to the workshop to request Totori to give them specific items; giving them the item will improve their friendship level.

Atelier Meruru

In Atelier Meruru, both Front Quests and Friend Quests make a return. Both front quests and friend quests can be accepted from the tavern by talking to Esty Dee.

Front Quests will reward Meruru with cole and popularity. Friend Quests will improve the relationship with your party members.

Atelier Ayesha

In Atelier Ayesha, requests can be started by talking to NPCs in towns. Most requests have a time limit. Party members and side characters will sometimes require certain items as part of personal requests. 

Atelier Escha & Logy

They can be accepted from Solle in Colseit's Administration Office. Completing a request will reward the player with Ranking Points and sweets. New requests are added every 10 days. The time to complete them is the same as the assignment. When turning in the final report at the end of the assignment, all opened requests will be closed. Not completing a request will not have any negative effect.

The sweets received as rewards can be given to the homunculi to duplicate items or can be used as synthesis ingredients. Rewards are higher in the 3rd, 7th and 11th months.

Categories of requests:

  • Synthesis Requests: requests to deliver items that can be synthesized.
  • Gather Requests: requests to deliver items that can be gathered.
  • Extermination Requests: requests to defeat specific monsters.

Atelier Shallie

Requests can be accepted from Raoul in Stellard's Union.

Atelier Sophie

Requests are side-quests undertaken from Horst at the Café within Kirchen Bell. They are divided up into three main categories:

  1. Monster Extermination - the player is tasked with defeating a specific kind of enemy.
  2. Item Delivery - the player is tasked with procuring a specific item. Some requests may require specific Traits to be present upon the item, or multiple instances of the item.
  3. Group Requests - the player is tasked with delivering several items that fit a theme, such as snacks or rare plants. Finishing these requests usually result in receiving one or more Vouchers.

Some requests have a time limit attached as well. Not accepting a request or allowing the time limit to expire will erase the request from the job board and the menu. Note that failing a request has no negative repercussions aside from the loss of the reward, and that failed/missed requests will reappear after some time.

Atelier Firis

In Atelier Firis, requests start after talking to some NPCs, by going to certain places or by taking items from the ground.