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Philuscha are creatures from the Underworld.

Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout

Philuscha are the main "villains" of the Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout, the main reason for they attack is because the Humans interference on they habitat, this creatures have capacity to communicate and plan they movements, and rank thenself like an army, Ravaging Queen being the leader.


Philuscha, are creatures that reside in the Underworld, a long time ago they lived in harmony with Oren, but after Klint Kingdom stole the relique that was responsible to provide water to then, after this with the absence of water on Underworld make an affected the forest, destroying the enviroment that one time has, and everything on the place, with that and without water, they started to move on search for water.

Ravaging Queen is the one that started the Philuscha to attack Oren on Underworld, she is the leader of the Philuscha and with all the creatures from Underworld under her leadership, they take control and attack White Fang, Lila Decyrus clan and the city that Kilo Shiness lived, all because the absence of water, her plan was to advance to the portal that takes to Reisalin Stout world and attacks Kurken Island on the Summer because is where the water level on this season of year is way lower.

Reisalin Stout with help of Empel Vollmer, Lila Decyrus, Tao Mongarten, Klaudia Valentz and Lent Marslink together they fight with her to stop her advance, after fighting with her.Bos Brunnen destroy the object, bringing back the water to the region and close the portal that bring acess the world. Lila Decyrus and Kilo Shiness, think that with water back on the Underworld, its only a matter of the time until everything be healed and back to normal.

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