Mea Holthaus

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"A tomboyish girl who loves fishing."
          — Official description

Mea Holthaus is a character in Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey.


Mea is a tomboyish and lively girl who runs a shop in the town of Flussheim.

She likes fishing, often leaving the shop unattended to do so. She is also a bit mischievous, often causing trouble to her older brother, Kai. However, she has started acting a little colder towards his brother as of lately, probably due to her age.[3]

Mea is also friends with Escha.


Mea is introduced when Firis arrives at Flussheim. She shows Firis her shop and introduces her to Ren Breitner.

Her shop, Loutre de Mer, is located in the north part of Flussheim.

She does not have character events on her own, appearing only during the main story and Ren's questline.