Henrikka Asmus

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Henrikka Asmus is a character in Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey.


Henrikka is the manager of a hot spring in Flocke. She usually has a relaxed and drowsy way of speaking, but her demeanor completely changes when it comes to hot springs. She also likes to see the relaxed faces of her customers when they enter the hot spring.

She frightens Firis and the others with how difficult it is to tell her level of seriousness when she jokes. She used to be a singer. Even if she still has many fans who wishes for her to return to the stage, she is happy with her current life.

Hot spring service

It's possible to enter Henrikka's hot spring in exchange of a fee (500 coins) once the player has completed a certain quest. Once the player has showed enough patronage, Henrikka will offer a special hot spring visit for all of Firis' (playable) female friends. However, if the effects of the Artificial Sun are active, Henrikka will refuse to let the player enter the hot spring at all.