Living Forest

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The Living Forest is a location appearing in Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis.

It is the first location that Vayne, Jess, and Nikki can go outside the school to complete their first Synthesis Assignment by gathering the items needed to synthesize a Heal Jar. It's also where they learn how to gather items and fight monsters.


Enemies Items Snacks Hearts
Koalaria Woodchip Puppy Paw Flan 6
Ariel Glacier Stone Candy Eye n/a
Mandragora Woodchip Monster Cookie n/a
Bear Wild Meat Monster Cookie 8
Bear Cub Wild Meat Monster Cookie n/a
Stone Watcher None n/a n/a
Caterperider Preserved Food Recipe n/a n/a
Kobold Mama None n/a 40
Kobold Boy None n/a 20
Kobold Daddy Legendary Fabric Recipe n/a 60
Giant Golden Pig Hardened Cloak Recipe n/a 50


Random Items: Blue Petal, Woodchip, Wild Meat, Beast Fang, Spinacherb, Uni

Treasure Chests: 200 Cole, 150 Cole, 100 Cole, Wooden Club,