Let's Make a Secret Hideout

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Let's Make a Secret Hideout (クラウディアの勇気, Kakurega o Tsukurō) is the sixth episode of the Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout anime series.


At her master's home, Ryza shows Empel a drawing of her idea of a secret hideout where she can practice her Alchemy at. Although he was seemingly unimpressed with the idea, Empel asks Ryza whether or not Ryza has envisioned the hideout's structure. Ryza was perplexed by the question, and Empel explained that alchemists attempt to create their own recipes. In Ryza's case, she'd need to think of her hideout as a product of alchemy. Hearing and contemplating what Empel said, Ryza, with renewed determination, promises to show Empel and Lila her great hideout when it's completed.

Later, Ryza informs the group in her house about her idea to create a secret hideout and their ideas on how they'd like it to be. Tao requests a desk to read and write on, Lent desires an open space to train, and Klaudia a space to talk and enjoy snacks at. After hearing their suggestions, Ryza hastily draws up a map, which the group finds too obscure to make out. Hence, Tao quickly draws a thoroughly detailed blueprint for the hideout, which earned him praise from the others, but a bit of jealousy from Ryza. Still, Ryza was happy that they had the outline of their hideout and would start working on it soon enough.

That night, Ryza continues contemplating how the hideout would look like and what materials would be necessary to make it happen.

The following day, Ryza explains to the group what materials they'll need for the hideout. Lent and Tao are tasked with helping Ryza transport the materials, and Klaudia was tasked with handling the interior design.

Afterward, the group takes a walk and considers where they can find some construction materials. The group then found that goat farmer Bascila had a large wood pile from her torn-down barn. Although Bascila wanted nothing in return for her wood pile, the gang insisted on it. So, after Bascila recognizes Klaudia as the merchant's daughter, she asks for a recipe for Pudding. Interested in the dessert themselves, the group asks that Klaudia make some for them too.

Wasting no time, Tao and Lent transport the wood pile, Ryza does some alchemy, and Klaudia prepares some pudding for Bascila.

Eventually, some pudding is made for Bascila, and she enjoys it with Ryza and Klaudia, who give her the sweet treat recipe. However, cow milk, one of the listed ingredients, was difficult to obtain on the island, and Bascila wonders if Goat's Milk could be used as a compromise. In an outburst, Klaudia offers to try and create a pudding using goat milk.

The next day, Ryza keeps a watch for her mother as she'd take away their supplies if she knew what Tao, Lent, and her were doing. Tao then asks what Klaudia was doing, and Lent claims she's creating a Pudding recipe using goat milk as a substitute for cow milk.

That evening, Ryza visits Klaudia in her home and taste tests two types of pudding, one made from cow's milk and the other with goat's milk. From it, she couldn't taste any difference between them. Still, a blind taste test was performed, and in Bascila's opinion, the cow milk pudding tasted better than the goat milk one. Klaudia was determined to create a great-tasting pudding using goat's milk, inspired by Ryza's determination to create something new. Noticing the sugar on the table, Ryza notes that sugar from off the island is whiter than the island, which is browner and called Eltz. Ryza then tastes some of the sugar and notes that its taste was different, too, giving Klaudia an epiphany.

Soon afterward, Klaudia prepares a pudding using Eltz sugar rather than regular white sugar, which impresses Bascila. However, Klaudia wasn't satisfied with the results and hoped to refine her recipe by changing the amount of sugar used, and Bascila offered her as much milk and eggs as she'd need. Ryza would also create more Eltz sugar using alchemy.

Once all the necessary materials were gathered to create the hideout, Ryza, and company worked through dusk constructing their hideout. By then, Klaudia arrives with her newest batch of pudding, and they all enjoy it together. The next morning, Bascila tries some of it and gives her seal of approval. Happy that she enjoyed it, Klaudia gives Bascila the refined pudding recipe, who then asks Klaudia if her love for Ryza and her friends motivates her. To that question, Klaudia realizes that it may be true and confirms it to Bascila.

Time passes, and the hideout work is nearly complete. Sitting on the hideout porch, Klaudia and Ryza have a heart-to-heart together as Tao and Lent sleep nearby.

Eventually, the group puts the final touches on the hideout and allows Ryza to name the hideout Atelier Ryza with the group's blessing. They each then individually say the vows they hope to accomplish at the hideout.

As they all wait for Lila and Empel to arrive, Lent becomes on edge when he senses something coming from the forest, noting it feels restless. Hence, Ryza, Tao, and Lent investigate their suspicions from the forest and leave Klaudia behind so she can explain the situation to Lila and Empel when they arrive. Their investigation makes them find a monster that, after a brief scuffle with it, the monster flees, allowing the group to retreat to their hideout where Empel and Lila were.

After being notified of the group's encounter with the monster, Lila investigates the forest for any trace of the monster, but finds nothing. Although Lent apologizes for his incompetence, Lila doesn't hold it against him and compliments him for following the training she gave him.

Because of this encounter, Empel asks Ryza to allow Lila and him to live there, and she allows it. However, Empel also insists that she and the group stay away from the hideout until the surrounding area has been deemed safe. Also, as a present for Ryza for creating a hideout, Empel presents her with a Core Crystal.