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Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg have seven endings to the series, one of then are a canonical ending and all others are optional endings.

Canon Ending

Canon Ending

To achieve the canon ending, the player must to do all the six Academy assignments from teacher Ingrid.

Ending Plot

After all this 5 years working to show her skills to the Academy, to Ingrid and helping her best friend Schia Donnerstag, she decides its time to spread her alchemy around the world and who was a failed alchemist student became a true experienced and respected one.

This ending is bring to Atelier Elie: The Alchemist of Salburg 2.

Two Legendary People Ending

Best Friend Ending.png

Ending Plot

Together after Marlone passing the Academy test, after this together with Schia Donnerstag, they go to the fighting event together and win.

This end seems like they keep together and continue adventuring, much like the canon ending but instead of Marlone going alone, she takes Schia Donnerstag with her.

Savior of the City Ending

Hero Marlone
  • Defeat Magician Faren.
  • Marie CANNOT be level 50, or it negates this ending.

Ending Plot

After slay the demon lord Magician Faren, all Salburg make a big event for her accomplishments, she became a adventurer and goes around the world.

Normal Ending

Marie Event 1.png

Ending Plot

Marlone graduates from the academy, she didn't get the biggest scores, but was enough to pass, and opens up her own workshop with the help of Schia and Fairy, together they run this new path.

Philosopher's Stone Ending

Teacher Marlone

In this ending. Marie becomes a teacher.

Create Philosopher's Stone for this ending. This is an extremely complex item to make which requires a high alchemy level and several ingredients. Access to the secret room in the library is also required. The list of ingredients are as follows:

  1. Dunkelheit, which can only be obtained on the solar eclipse on the 18th of June of each year. Visit the closest forest on the 18th of June for this flower.
  2. Dragon Tongue, which can only be obtained by defeating the dragon Flammpfeil at Mount Wieland.
  3. Spirit Tear is a one of a kind item that is given to Marie by Schia after she is cured with an elixir.
  4. Aroma Materia is created by combining 1 rainbow water, 1 gold colored rock, 1 salt and 1 red semiantidote.

Additional requirements for this ending:

  • Marie CANNOT be level 50.
  • Schia must be cured, as this is the only way to get access to the Elemental Teardrop item.

Ending Plot

After synthesizing Philosopher's Stone , Ingrid invites Marlone to work along side her on Academy.

Researcher Ending

Alchemist Marlone.png
  • Collect/craft every item in the game (100 in total). This does not include the weapons or armor in the game. An incredibly difficult ending to get, considering that there are several special items in the game to create which are only accessible by completing events.
  • This ending is considerably easier to get in the PS2 version of the game, as fairies can gather rare items independent of the player having to actually win the associated mini-games. As it is also the ending with the highest priority in this version, it can also easily overwrite every other ending unless the player is careful.

Ending Plot

Marie becomes a researcher at the academy's Master Rank. Although she once again becomes the worst performing student within the rank, the narrator is confident that Marie will be able to turn things around again through what she learned during her 5 years in the workshop.

Bad Ending

  • Fail to make any item that's level 4 or higher.

Ending Plot

Marlone fail on her test, and must try again.