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Flammpfeil is a boss, a red dragon with big yellow belly, yellow eyes with 6 horns and a nose bone exposed, live in dust areas, this monsters can be found in special moments of the game and have a chance of dropping Dragon Tongue and Dragon Fang.

Flammpfeil Boss

Falmmpfeil is a Dragon-type creature from Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg its a boss where u can fight when avaliable the info on Sky Tavern about this big red creature on a mount region, is a fire-type monster that can attack in area with Scorthing Breath.

Can be found at Mount Wieland at the edge of mountains are.

Flammpfeil Weakness

His weakness are water-based elemental items.

Flammpfeil Fight Tutorial

You must have atlast Marie for this fight on level 35, and with her be sure to make your party have physical resistence with Item Boost (25 MP) thanks to her skills, and spam solo-target water-type items.


Flammpfeil Drops

Item Name % Drop Rate
Dragon Tongue ?
Dragon Fang ?


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