Chapter 8 LEGEND FES

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Chapter 8 LEGEND FES was an event of Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator, around Chapter 8's launch.

Together with Juna Waitz, a Knight of the Midnight Sun known throughout the kingdom, Resna makes her way to the freezing northernmost region of the kingdom, Schnell.

Resna and her companions manage to endure the snow and arduous journey, only to find that even greater trials lay ahead of them.

Exclusive Characters


Community Event

Drop Rates


Character Drop Rate Stars
Juna White Royal Guard 0.5% ★★★
Logy Twilight Order 0.5% ★★★
Resna Innocent Dreamer 0.2% ★★★
Ryza One Summer Story 0.2% ★★★
Judith Hero of Tempest 0.2% ★★★
Marie Lovely Bomber 0.2% ★★★
Firis Crystal Master 0.2% ★★★
Oskar Friend to Plants 0.2% ★★★
Corneria No Milk No Life 0.2% ★★★
Logy Alchemist of Dusk 0.2% ★★★
Keithgriff Seeker of Knowledge 0.2% ★★★
Odelia Ancient Machina Doll 0.2% ★★★
Ayesha MARIA of Dusk 0.2% ★★★
Iksel Fighting Chef 0.2% ★★★
Rorona 5-Star Pie Meister 0.2% ★★★
Raze Sword of Light 0.2% ★★★
Mu The Southern Adventurer 0.2% ★★★
Lent Powerful Warrior 1.4% ★★
Monika On Stage 1.4% ★★
Shallistera Chief's Daughter 1.4% ★★
Escha Endless Tarts 1.4% ★★
Meruru Powerful Princess 1.4% ★★
Totori Daughter of a Powerful Lady 1.4% ★★
Esty Reliable Receptionist 1.4% ★★
Vayne The Power to Grant Wishes 1.4% ★★
Viorate Carrot-Lover from Karotte 1.4% ★★
Ruven Hot-Blooded Adventurer 1.4% ★★
Tao Future Scholar 7.3%
Tess Rabbit-Eared Troublemaker 7.3%
Marion Leader of the Development Squad 7.3%
Linca Assistant Squad Leader 7.3%
Cordelia Noblewoman 7.3%


Character Drop Rate Rank
Silver Snow Delight 0.5% SSR
Lazy Afternoon 0.133% SSR
What Lies Beyond 0.133% SSR
I'm Working Right Now! 0.133% SSR
Lazy Afternoon 0.133% SSR
Further Still! 0.133% SSR
When Doll Dream 0.133% SSR
Shoot for the Sky 0.133% SSR
Alchemists of Dusk 0.133% SSR
A Time Just for Two 0.133% SSR
An Angel's Kindness 0.133% SSR
Striking it Rich! 0.133% SSR
My Partner 0.133% SSR
Snuggling With Flowers 0.133% SSR
Those Who Weave History 0.133% SSR
The Future in His Eyes 0.133% SSR
It's Time to Study! 0.133% SSR
The Changing Scenery 0.133% SSR
An Adventurous Premonition 0.466% SR
A Summer Adventure 0.466% SR
The Twins' Dream 0.466% SR
The Tales We Weave 0.466% SR
Embraced by the Dusk Sea 0.466% SR
Walking the Lands of Dusk 0.466% SR
What I'm Striving For 0.466% SR
The Power to Change the World 0.466% SR
Following in Your Footsteps 0.466% SR
The Place I Want to Protect 0.466% SR
School Friends 0.466% SR
Searching for the Heavenly City 0.466% SR
My Atelier 0.466% SR
The Taste of Civilization 1.825% R
A Melody on the Wind 1.825% R
Delicious Tea Time 1.825% R
The Power of Three 1.825% R
Deal of the Day 1.825% R
The Two Shallies 1.825% R
Time for Sweets 1.825% R
An Inviting Stream 1.825% R
The Scion of Arland 1.825% R
A Real Family 1.825% R
Teacher's Cure for Boredom 1.825% R
Puni For You! 1.825% R
Classmates 1.825% R
Innocent Sound of Water 1.825% R
The Meowst Sunny Spot 1.825% R
The Land of Carrots 1.825% R
Run, Judith! 1.825% R
A Contest for Teacher! 1.825% R
You're Hopeless Without Me 1.825% R
Marlone the Alchemist 1.825% R

Synthesis Material Double Drop Rate Campaign

Introducing the Synthesis Material Double Drop Rate Campaign!

Clear Score Battle and Dungeons to collect Synthesis Materials!


  • First-Time rewards are not include in this campaign.
  • Synthesis Materials dropped as rewards for clearing C to SS rank are doubled in Score Battles.

Wish Tickets

Paragon Knights Wish Ticket (No Medals/For Chapter 8 LEGEND FES Use) can be purchased for Lodestar Gems x 1,500 (Payed Currency). (Purchase Limit: 2)


Legend Medals and Legend Medal Exchange

Legend Medals are obtained from wishes made using Lodestar Gems.

You Can exchange Legend Medals for ★3 characters using the Legend Medal exchange.

Legend Medal never expire.

The number of Legend Medals will receive is as follows:

Note: Legend Medal cannot be obtained from daily free wishes.

Extra Info

- Individual Characters/Memoria drop rates are given up to the 3rd decimal place and rounded down to the 4th decimal place where applicable. It should be noted that adding up to the values for all rarities will never be equal to 100%, Additionally if given a drop percentage is less than 0.001%, the value displayed up to the Nth decimal place and rounded down to the N+ 1st decimal place or lower.

- The drop chances for Chapter 8 LEGEND FES are based on each individual wish. Therefore, multiple Chapter 8 LEGEND FES wishes will not increase or guarantee the changes of any specific Characters/Memoria dropping. Furthermore, there is a chance a give Characters/Memoria may drop more than once from Chapter 8 LEGEND FES.