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The world map is an element that appear in almost all Atelier games. It is an element that interconnects the different locations within each game, allowing the player to travel between the areas.

Atelier Marie

Atelier Marie: The Alchemist of Salburg and Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg have 11 accessible locations.

Atelier Elie

Atelier Lilie

Atelier Judie

Atelier Viorate

Atelier Iris

Atelier Iris 2

Atelier Iris 3

Mana Khemia

The world map consist of Al-Revis Academy and its surrounding areas, which provide a training ground for its students.

Mana Khemia 2

Al-Revis Academy and its surrounding areas in Mana Khemia 2.

Atelier Rorona

The world map centers in the city of Arland and the surroundings areas.

Atelier Totori

Atelier Totori takes place in Arland, like the previous game, but this time in a wider area.

Areas of the world map:

  • Alanya Area
  • Continental Coastline
  • Arland Area
  • Alanya West Ruins
  • Arland Great Plains
  • Arland Wastelands
  • Arland New World
  • Southwest Peninsula
  • Northern Ruins
  • Inner Islets
  • Primordial Island
  • Outer Islets
  • Silver Lands

Atelier Meruru

Atelier Ayesha

Atelier Escha & Logy

The world map in Atelier Escha & Logy, centered in Colseit.

The world map is divided into the larger main map and the smaller area maps. When the player leaves Colseit, the world map will appear. When choosing a destination, the character will move there. Traveling make days to pass (farther areas take more days to reach). When the area is accessed, the area map will appear. The area map works like the world map, but only contains the locations within that area, and traveling between them don't consume time. From the area map, the fields can be accessed.

Sometimes, in the area map, there are requirements to access deeper areas, such as slaying a group of monsters or destroying a boulder with bombs. If there are events in certain locations, an exclamation sign will appear.

Atelier Shallie

Areas of the world map:

  • Baskes Region
  • Stellard Southern Archipelago
  • Dusk Sea
  • Eastern Continent
  • Unexplored Lands

Atelier Sophie

Areas of the world map:

  • Kirchen Bell
  • Near Town
  • Windy Fields
  • Endless Spring
  • Steep Land
  • Rumored Land
  • Eternal Forest
  • Scattered Ruins
  • Forgotten Land

Atelier Firis

The world map in Atelier Firis.

Atelier Firis takes part in the country of Rustin.

In Atelier Firis, the concept of world map disappears, featuring an "open world" system instead, in which the exit of an area connects directly with another area. Unlike previous games, areas are much more larger. Players can still watch the world map to determine their location.

When the player obtains the Air Drop recipe, underwater areas become available.

Upon obtaining the airship, the areas Skyfaring Stone Ark, Riesentrain and Holy Vestier Land become accessible. Also, the airship will allow the player to quick travel to any location (except the underwater areas).

Atelier Lydie & Suelle

In Atelier Lydie & Suelle there are seemingly two different world maps: the map of the surrounding area of Merveille and the progressively collected mysterious paintings map found at the castle.

Both maps do not intertwine each other but both areas are thoroughly unlock as the story progresses.

The concept of "open world" introduced in the previous game did not follow on this installment. Instead, the traveling is done like in Atelier Rorona, where the destinations are shown and the player selects where to go and instantly teleported there. The idea of being able to make the route on the map from the Mysterious Series are evidently scrapped.

Atelier Ryza

Map in Atelier Ryza

The overworld map consists of two graphical locations, the village of Rasenboden, or known as the Kurken Island, and the mainland.

When the player obtains the Hammer (to smash rocks), Bomb Rod (to blow up huge boulders) and Wind Shoes (with the effects that allows Ryza to step in stones and fly in hovering whirlwinds), areas limited to those becomes available. Other areas are normally unlocked through story progession.

Areas of World Map: