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Please message Kore Sedai. I will not be here on a regular basis to edit or to patrol at the moment.


Hello, and welcome to my user page here on the Atelier Wikia. My goal is to help create a more complete wiki with text, photo and video help. 

I am also an admin at the Harvest Moon and Dead Rising wikia, so I'm constantly busy with trying to make improvements! The Harvest Moon wikia is my priority, as I've been there for 8 years! I haven't played an Atelier game in a while, so I won't be here often. I am semi-retired from editing, as I cannot fully commit myself to edit on a consistant basis.

I do check wikia every single day though (and keep the tabs open on my browser). Please leave a message on my talk page if you want to get a hold of me. I will see the notification message from anywhere on wikia! 

As an Admin....

I am an admin for the wiki and am here to help! Please feel free to ask for any help on editing, rules, or with general questions. Please be aware that my wikia skills are all self taught, so I'm not an expert, but I will certainly try my best to help. My information on infoboxes is also not currently up to date. 

Suggestions on how to make the wikia a better place as well as reports of bugs or any other problems are also appreciated. As an Admin, I have extended privileges on the wiki, and can further assist those who need it. If I can't help you, Kore Sedai is the other admin for the wiki. I am also a bureaucrat, meaning that I have the ability to change user privileges if need be. 

I primarily enjoy editing the item articles for the various games. Don't ask me why, but those are the pages I enjoy most! I also enjoy adding photos to pages that do not have them (just to brighten things up a little!)

I am currently working on adding new infoboxes that were recently created to replace our old ones. 

Games Played

Atelier Meruru was the first Atelier game I played... and after that it was love. 

With a new Atelier game coming out almost yearly, I can hardly keep up. Seriously. I've got the last 6-7 games still on my shelf. I also want to try and play some older ones that I happen to own!

Video Guides

I've done videos for the Atelier series. If you are interested, here are some links: