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This article features information from a game released only in Japan. The editors of this wiki are English speakers, which may cause certain translations or information to be incorrect.

Poin (prounounced pwan) Stadt is a playable character in Atelier Lise: The Alchemist of Orde.

Poin is a girl who lives in the town of Mythreen who meets Lisette Randal during Lisette's quest to save her kingdom. Poin has an unusual magical girl complex and sees herself as a heroine. She spends a lot of time daydreaming and reading stories. 

She first encounters Lise at Otomaru's house, and immediately thinks that she is an evil alchemist who was sent to defeat her. She deems Lise as her arch-nemesis. She tries on more than one occassion to challenge and defeat Lise but is unsuccessful. When Poin learns about Lise's need to save her kingdom, however, she is sympathetic. Poin says she can't stay mad at somebody who has such a noble goal in mind and offers to help Lise on her journey. 



Pwan joins the party at level 5 and starts with a scepter. She can also equip staves, blunt weapons and swords. For armor, she can equip clothes, light armor and fancy clothes. She specializes in dealing magical damage rather than physical damage. 


Level 5 Stats:

Stat Value
HP 93
PA 35
MA 69
SPD 60
PD 32
MD 64

Level 50 Stats:

Stat Value
HP 550
PA 220
MA 330
SPD 350
PD 210
MD 290


Skill Name Level Learned Description Activation
Magic Blast 5 Hits al enemies in a 3x3 grid area for 150% magic damage. Defend once in battle to activate.
Sanctuary 25 Creates a 3x3 grid area no-monster zone for a total of 5 turns. Defend twice in battle to activate, can only be used once per battle.
Stardust Arrow 45 Deal 250% magic damage. Defend three times in battle. HP must be less than 40%.