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This is a list of all items that can be found in the game, Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis.

Usable Items

These are items that can be used. Most of them are only available for use during a battle. Healing items however, can be used during battle or on the map. When using an item during battle it will be split into three categories: Heal, Attack and Support.

Heal Items
Name Description Effect Target Element Synthesis Recipe E-Level E-Effect Sell Price
Heal Jar A basic healing medicine made from various extracts. HP Heal (M) Single Ally Water Healing Medicine Variable Healing (60-100), Effect Plus (81-100), HP+(S) (40-70), Muddy (0-50), Powdery (51-100) 16 Cole
X Heal A Strong healing medicine made from select materials. HP Heal (L) Single Ally Water Healing Medicine Variable SP+(M) (60-100), Effect Plus (0-29), Effect Plus+ (81-100), Powdery (0-50), Muddy (51-100) 104 Cole
Heal All A diffusive healing medicine created for a larger range. HP Heal (S) All Allies Water Spreading Medicine Variable HP+(L) (80-100), SP+(M) (40-60), Effect Plus (91-100), Muddy (0-39), Powdery (40-60) 156 Cole
Nectar An imitation of the drink of the gods. Awaken Single Ally Water God's Drink Variable Stun+(M) (41-50), Critical+(M) (45-50), Effects Plus++ (25-45), Stinky (0-10), Aromatic (30-40), Dirty (71-100) 72 Cole
Super Nectar Aged Nectar that now has a much stronger effect. Max Recovery Single Ally Water Super Juice Variable Tera Heal (71-100), Mega Heal (50-70), Stinky (0-20), Aromatic (50-70), Dirty (0-30) 186 Cole
Shining Grail God had blessed this cup. Nectar flows naturally. Awaken All Allies Earth A Holy Cup Variable Heal All (80-100), Seele (80-100), Bright (20-60), Effect Plus+ (90-100) 232 Cole
Amber Soup Extracts of stewed medicinal plant. Calms you down. SP Heal (S) Single Ally Wind Mental Stabilizer Variable SP+(S) (61-100), Effect Plus+ (61-100), Cure (80-100), Dull (0-60) 30 Cole
Tranquilizer A strong stress relieving medicine. Slightly addictive. SP Heal (L) Single Ally Wind Mental Stabilizer Variable Boost (70-100), SP+(M) (60-100), Effect Plus+ (95-100), Detailed (70-94) 164 Cole
Elixir The ultimate remedy to cure everything. HP Full Heal and Cure Anomalies Single Target Water Ultimate Remedy Variable Tera Heal (40-80), SP+(L) (70-100), Heaven's Gate (100), Bright (0-60), Godly (91-100) 310 Cole
Attack Items
Name Description Effect Target Element Synthesis Recipe E-Level E-Effect Sell Price
Ceramic Plate A very heavy plate. Painful if thrown at somebody. Phys ATK (S) Single Enemy Earth Flaming BBQ Variable Choke (0-100), DEF+(M) (80-100), Round (100) 162 Cole
Flame A basic bomb filled with gunpowder. Fire Dmg (S) Area (M) Fire Bomb Variable Flame Gaze (30-100), Plus Range (0-29), Effect Plus (61-100), Orgasmic (30-60) 58 Cole
Tera Flame The ultimate bomb made of many Flames. Fire Dmg (L), Knockback All Enemy Fire Super Bomb Variable Flame Gaze (60-100), Hellwave (0-30), Crude (60-100), Detailed (15-25) 206 Cole
Bomb Ice An ice bomb. It will freeze everything upon explosion. Ice Dmg (S) Area (M) Water Bomb Variable Ice Storm (60-100), Effect Plus+ (91-100), Cold (0-100) 66 Cole
Bobomb Ice A series of Bomb Ice were tied together for max effect. Ice Dmg (L) All Enemy Water Super Bomb Variable Ice Storm (0-40), Ice Volley (60-100), Cold (30-100) 206 Cole
Lightning Rod This lightning rod produces electricity instead. Ltng Dmg (S) Single Enemy Wind Bomb Variable Lightning (0-100), Plus Range+ (0-10), Electrifying (0-100) 80 Cole
Thunder Rod A dangerous rod that causes huge sparks. Ltng Dmg (L) All Enemy Wind Super Bomb Variable Lightning (0-40), Plasma Ray (60-100), Electrifying (60-100) 206 Cole
Uni A spikey fruit with poisonous thorns. Phys ATK (S) Single Enemy Earth In Wind's Corridor - Mist/Random 50 Poison 2 Cole
Big Uni A large Uni. More effective. Phys ATK (S), Poison Single Enemy Earth In Dragon's Grave - Bone Grove/Random 50 Poison, Grand Ray 25 Cole
Uni Bomb A bomb that explodes with spikes. Magic (S), Poison Area (S) Fire Exploding Uni Variable Flare Rain (60-100), HP+(M) (0-40), Thorny (80-100) 88 Cole
Big Uni Bomb A more dangerous and larger Uni Bomb. Magic (S), Poison Area (M) Fire Uni the Great Variable Venom (0-40), Hellwave (70-100), Alarming (60-100), Thorny (60-100), Orgasmic (0-30) 160 Cole
Uni God A bomb in the image of the Uni god. Magic (S), Poison Single Enemy Neutral The Mystic Uni Variable Heaven's Gate (90-100), CS Cost-(L) (0-10), Effect Plus++ (85-90), Godly (80-100), Thorny (0-30) 276 Cole
Orange Bomb An orange bomb that smells citrusy. Magic (S), Sleep Single Enemy Fire Fruit Bomb Variable SPD+(S) (0-100), HP+(M) (70-100), Fruity (90-100) 68 Cole
Big Orange Bomb A stronger, jumbo size Orange Bomb. Magic (M), Sleep Area (M) Fire Uni the Great Variable HP+(L) (70-100), Ice Volley (80-100), Alarming (0-40), Fruity (80-100) 120 Cole
Lando Bomb A light, easy-to-use sweet aromatic bomb. Magic (S), Seal Single Enemy Fire Sweet Fruit Bomb Variable Stun+(M) (0-100), MGK+(M) (70-100), Fruity (90-100) 78 Cole
Big Lando Bomb For those who need an even bigger bomb. Magic (M), Seal Area (M) Fire Uni the Great Variable Nightmare (80-100), Plasma Ray (50-100), Alarming (0-30), Fruity (80-100), Orgasmic (0-30) 138 Cole
Globe A spinny, breakable object. Often used to throw around. Damage (M) Single enemy Earth Twirly Thing Variable Calamity (0-20), Tempest (80-100), Effect Plus++ (100), Round (80-100), Outer Space (0-20) 176 Cole
Stellar Globe A stellar model that implodes upon shock. Damage (M), Slow Single Enemy Earth Twirly Thing Variable Call Meteor (99-100), CS Effect+(L) (11-20), Plus Range++ (22-25), Grand Ray (0-10), Outer space (50-100) 438 Cole
Support Items
Name Description Effect Target Element Synthesis Recipe E-Level E-Effect Sell Price
Cure Jar Neutralizes poisons and effects within the body. Cure Anomaly Single Ally Earth Curing Medicine Variable MGK+(S) (30-100), RES+(S) (50-100), Plus Range (80-90) 28 Cole
Unipuni Pudding A very encouraging pudding. ATK Up, DEF Up Single Ally Earth Pudding Variable Mega Heal (65-100), Sweet (60-100), Puni (90-100) 98 Cole
Cheesecake Homemade cheesecake that enlightens you. MGK Up, RES Up Single Ally Water Traditional Cake Variable Seele (70-100), Cure (40-100), Effect Plus+ (0-25), Stinky (0-10), Aromatic (80-100), Bitter (11-25) 74 Cole
Pumpotatokin Pie A pie that shields the consumer with Pumpotatokin Skin. Guard Chance Single Ally Earth Traditional Cake Variable DEF+ (M) (40-80), RES+ (M) (40-100), Plus Range (81-90), Stinky (0-10), Aromatic (80-100) 82 Cole
Sweetsland A snack theme park that lures you to a world of taste. Shield Wall All Allies Earth Sweets Paradise Variable Seele (0-100), Heal All (75-100), Effect Plus++ (100), Gorgeous (40-74), Theme Park (0-25) 300 Cole
Veggielicious A very bitter drink made of select healthy vegetables. Dispel Buff Single Enemy Water Fruit Juice Variable CS Effect+ (S) (60-100), Cure (70-100), Bitter (0-30), Sweet (70-100) 52 Cole
Veggie Purple An unnatural purple drink that purifies. Cure Anomaly, Auto Heal Single Enemy Water Fruit Juice Variable CS Effect+ (M) (40-100), Mega Heal (50-79), Heal All (80-100), Bitter (0-20), Sweet (90-100) 94 Cole
Divine Shield A device to create a magical shield. Slightly inaccurate. Guard Chance Single Ally Earth Radiating Disc Variable Flame Rain (80-100), DEF+(M) (50-100), Plus Range (90-100), Holy Power (50) 182 Cole
Misty Curtain A rainbow curtain that weakens fire, ice, and lightning. Triple RES Single Ally Wind Magic Stake Cloth Variable Silent (70-100), RES+(M) (50-100), Plus Range (90-100), Holy Power (50) 138 Cole

Material Items

Material Items are the items that will be needed for the synthesis. These can be obtained through harvesting,mining, fishing, and collecting throughout dungeons. Some items can be obtaining simply through buying in stores or defeating certain monsters using Jess's Funny Pouch skill. The E-Effect that comes from these items are used to upgrade the character's armor and weapons with different effects such as raising their current HP and SP, equip them a Common Skill, and even giving them powerful effects such as "Guts" which increases the chance of surviving a powerful attack with one 1HP remaining.

Gatherable Items
Name Description Element Location E-Level E-Effect Sell Price
Clearwater Mineral drinking water from the clearest river. It can be found in many places, though. Water Workshop, Living Forest/Pond 55 Healing 1 Cole
Brown Groundwater Impure spring water from underground. Not drinkable, but very important for alchemy. Earth Cafeteria (Chapter 5) 60 ATK+(S), Stun+ (S) 3 Cole
Goat Milk Milk from a goat. Thick and nutritious. Used for many dairy products. Water Cafeteria 36 Healing 3 Cole
Marine Water Pure water that can be extracted in rare spots of the deep sea. Has all the vitamins needed. Water Student Store (Chapter 4), God's Scar/Pond 75 Half 5 Cole
Dunkelhite A rare flower that blooms once in a few years. But a bunch were discovered in the Dragon's Grave. Fire Dragon's Grave - Cave of Origin/Harvest 10 CS Effect+(M) 32 Cole
Spinacherb A plant with many healthy nutrients. It is bitter, but is edible when cooked. Earth Living Forest/Random 55 HP+(S) 1 Cole
Purplinacherb Mutated Spinacherb where the perplina pigment went crazy. Deathly bitter, but 10x the nutrients. Earth Wind's Corridor - Abyss/Harvest 75 HP+(L) 19 Cole
Gash Twig A pungent smelling twig. It was used to wake people up, but no one uses it anymore these days. Wind Living Forest/Harvest 60 MGK+(S), RES+(S) 1 Cole
Kittynip A weed that cats have fun playing with. Good quality ones can be sold for high prices. Wind God's Scar/Harvest 70 SP+(M), HP+(M) 27 Cole
Eicheloa A typical mushroom that grows on trees. It can be used as medicine and food, especially roasted. Earth The Heights/Harvest 60 ATK+(S), DEF+(S) 1 Cole
Poison Shroom Poisonous mushroom with purple spots. It extracts poisons from the darkness of the night. Earth The Heights/Harvest 20 Poison 3 Cole
Tercia Pollen Pollen that has healing powers, but some people can have allergic reactions to it. Water Wind's Corridor - Abyss/Harvest 80 MGK+(L), Venom 19 Cole
Taun Weeds containing little magic, used in many synthesis. Almost as common as the Spinacherb. Fire Millenium Tree/Random 65 HP+(M), MGK+(M) 11 Cole
Huffin A tree with a pretty white flower. It is rare in this region and there's only the one in The Heights. Water The Heights/Huffin Tree 70 Healing 3 Cole
Carrotato A red, thin potato. Only one can be harvested per plant. It is strong in taste unless cooked. Earth Cafeteria, Old Schoolhouse/Harvest 30 ATK+(S) 2 Cole
Dirt Super normal dirt. Usually mixed with water for alchemy. Available on campus. Earth Old Schoolhouse/Harvest 55 HP+(S) 2 Cole
Red Dirt Red colored dirt. It has a lot of iron in it. It can only be found in the deep layers of earth. Fire The Heights/Harvest 65 Flame Gaze, HP+(M) 4 Cole
Black Dirt Very black dirt that contains a lot of nutrients. It tastes sweet. Plants grow faster in this soil. Earth Dragon's Grave - Bone Grove/Harvest 75 DEF+(M), ATK+(M) 12 Cole
Belgrade Potato Potato produced by Master Belgrade. It is hard like rock when raw, but soft when cooked. Earth Old Schoolhouse - Harvest 65 HP+(S) 2 Cole
Burdock Straight A vegetable that is a straight root. Not recommended for weak jaws or teeth. Earth The Heights/Harvest 60 ATK+(S) 4 Cole
Burdock Curve A mutant Burdock Straight. It is harder to harvest, but awards the work with great taste. Earth Mana Ruins - Interior Heights/Harvest 80 ATK+(L), Critical+(M) 28 Cole
Radish A spicy vegetable. It is best to eat a day after it's been grated. It is super spicy when fresh. Wind Mana Ruins - Outskirts/Harvest 65 Cure 12 Cole
Medicinal Radish A Radish that soaked up all the nutrients in the earth and is now medicinal. It is spicy and bitter. Wind Dragon's Grave - Bone Grove/Harvest 85 Seele 22 Cole
Shinke Onion A vegetable with a sharp, needle tip. It is dangerous, but kids use it as a toy for the thrill. Water God's Scar/Harvest 10 ATK+(L), Critical+(L) 41 Cole
Pumpotatokin A potato with a hard, green skin. The soft inside is edible, but it is hard to get to it. Earth Mana Ruins - Outskirt/Harvest 75 DEF+(M), RES+(S) 12 Cole
Bitter Grape A very bitter grape. It must be processed before eating, but some find a strange liking to it fresh. Wind Cafeteria (Chapter 5), Millenium Tree/ Harvest 35 RES+(S) 22 Cole
Night-in-grape Bitter grape that is harvested at night. It is unbelievably fruity and not bitter at all. Wind Millenium Tree/Harest (Night) 60 Lightning 31 Cole
Muscat The king of grapes. Each fruit is worth a gem. Organic ones are very expensive. Wind Resource Center Dungeon/Vendor, Wind's Corridor - Abyss/Harvest 80 Cure 37 Cole
Tangerine A sweet and tangy fruit. Very useful from skin to seed. Bad ones tend to be very sour. Water Cafeteria, Millenium Tree/Harvest 55 MGK+(S) 22 Cole
Sunrise Orange Only available in the morning. If picked in the afternoon, it will no longer be sweet. Water Millenium Tree/Harvest (Morning) 70 Ice Storm 31 Cole
Mandarin Orange An aromatic fruit, similar to the Tangerine. It is rather large in size and is hard to eat. Water Resource Center Dungeon/Vendor, Wind's Corrdor - Abyss/Harvest 80 Cure, Healing 37 Cole
Yubana Fruit A strangely shaped fruit. Sounds will delay inside it, but no one knows why. Full of mysteries. Earth Wind's Corridor - Abyss/Harvest 60 DEF+(L), MGK+(M) 37 Cole
Dried Yubana A dried, hollow Yubana Fruit. Used often as a bowl, but stinks if it is not dried properly. Earth Wind's Corridor - Abyss/Harvest 75 Mega Heal, Boost 37 Cole
Yubana Flower A flower that wilts fast because of the fruit. But it will revive the next day. Earth Wind's Corridor - Abyss/Harvest 90 Useless, Heal 37 Cole
Lando A slightly sweet and tangy, popular red fruit. It will ripen very fast. Fire The Heights/Random 60 Lightning, Flame Gaze 10 Cole
X-Lando A Lando that has been ripened for a long time. The taste is very extreme. Fire Millennium Tree/Harvest (Night) 20 Critical+(M) 22 Cole
Sweet Lando A ripe, sweetened Lando. A little heavy, and can cause cavities if eaten too often. Fire Millennium Tree/Harvest (Morning) 90 Daze+(M) 31 Cole
Canone Rock A rock with igniting elements. It can be lit on fire, and act as a match. Fire Student Store, Mana Ruins - Outskirts/Mine 60 Flame Gaze 20 Cole
Glacier Stone A rock that is constantly cold. You won't need AC in the summer as long as you have this. Water Student Store, Mana Ruins - Outskirts/Mine 65 Ice Storm 20 Cole
Thunder Stone An electric stone. Caution when handling near water, though it is too weak to kill anyone. Wind Student Store, Mana Ruins - Outskirts/Mine 65 Lightning 20 Cole
Raw Komet Ore A rock that becomes a high quality gem by polishing it. But it is worth more as a bumpy ore. Earth Mana Ruins - Abyss/Mine 75 CS Cost-(M), DEF+(L) 57 Cole
Super Komet A large Komet that has been polished by nature. Worth a lot more than normal. Earth Old Schoolhouse - Closed Area/Mine 100 Call Meteor, Heavy 91 Cole
Gravity Stone Another world's ore that generates anti-gravity. It has caused a revolution in Alchemy history. Wind Dragon's Grave - Cave of Origin/Mine 90 SPD+(M), RES+(L) 68 Cole
Legien Steel An ore that is used as material for generic metals. It is easily processed by alchemy. Earth Campus Grounds, Old Schoolhouse/Random 55 DEF+(S), Lightning 20 Cole
Cyprus Copper An orange colored ore that is easy to process. It is used as equipment and synthesis materials. Fire Resource Center/Vendor, Wind's Corridor - Mist/Random 60 DEF+(S), RES+(S) 28 Cole
Preuve Lead A very heavy ore, found deep inside the earth. It is hard to dig out, and is not very useful. Water Campus Grounds, Dragon's Grave - Bone Grove/Mine 70 Heavy 28 Cole
Elemia Silver A white, glowing ore with poers of Mana. It can be used as amedium for magic, as well as for amor. Wind Old Schoolhouse - Closed Area/Mine 75 MGK+(M), SP+(S) 37 Cole
Pendelook A bluish white jewel that is said to be a crystallized soul. A larger jewel has more powers. Water Mana Ruins - Bottom Center/Random 80 MGK+(L), Tornado 68 Cole
Carbon Boulder A black, shiny rock. Its powder can be used as gunpowder, but you should be very careful. Earth Dragon's Grave - Heaven's Road/Mine 55 ATK+(S), RES+(S) 28 Cole
Chrome Crystal A translucent, hexagonal crystal. It is popular among the girls as an accessory. Wind Student Store, Dragon's Grave - Bone Grove/Mine 75 RES+(M), Ice Rain 28 Cole
King Tuna The king of fish. Its sharp flavor is popular as sashimi, but it can also be used for equipment. Water Mana Ruins - Bottom Center/Fish, Dragon's Grave - Cave of Origin/Fish 95 Sumo Heavy, Attack Spec 66 Cole
Queen Tuna The queen of fish. More fatty than the King Tuna, but requires more skill to fish up. Water Mana Ruins - Bottom Center/Fish, Dragon's Grave - Cave of Origin/Fish 100 Sumo Heavy, Defense Spec 66 Cole
Bonita A giant fish that is supposed to be good luck. It has a poison that can get a cat drunk. Fire The Heights/Pond 65 ATK+(M), DEF+(M) 20 Cole
Endless Seaweed A slightly annoying seaweed that will grow endlessly. It's too big to eat. Water The Heights/Pond 60 MGK+(M) 5 Cole
Sharkgill A shark with sharp fangs. It will bite at anything, so it's easy to fish up, but it can bite you too. Water Resource Center/Vendor, Mana Ruins - Bottom Center/Fish 70 Critical+(L), Daze+(L) 41 Cole
Strom Shell A spiral shellfish with a twirling shell. It will hypnotize you if you stare at it. Earth The Heights/Pond 60 DEF+(S) 5 Cole
Joker Fish A fish with very fat lips. If you don't look at the lips, its eyes are very cute. Fire The Heights/Pond 55 Grand Ray 5 Cole
King Crab A long legged crab. Easy to peel when boiled. It exists only to be eaten. Fire Dragon's Grave - Bone Grove/Pond 60 RES+(M), Ice Volley 20 Cole
Blowfish-X A Tiger Blowfish that has lived more than a few years. Has a dangerous amount of poison. Earth Dragon's Grave - Bone Grove/Pond 15 Stun+(M), Venom 20 Cole
Tiger Blowfish A tiger striped fish with fatal poison. It doesn't work on cats, and are their favorite. Earth The Heights/Pond, Dragon's Grave - Bone Grove/Pond 70 Daze+(S), Stun+(S) 5 Cole
Chinook A grown up Trout. From now on, it is on its own. Only the weight can tell how old it really is. Fire The Heights/Pond 75 Blizzard, Mega Heal 41 Cole
Trout A grown up Masou. It looks the same, but its weight is heavier. Still fresh as always. Earth The Heights/Pond 65 Hellwave, HP+(M) 20 Cole
Masou A newborn Chinook. Its weight will increase with age, but its size will not change. Mystery. Wind The Heights/Pond 55 Stun+(S) 5 Cole
Puniball A Puni part that jiggles when touched. A healing item, but it's still a Puni part. Water Wind's Corridor - Mist/Random 55 RES+(S) 3 Cole
Brownie Mask A Brownie will never take off its mask, until they die. None have ever seen their true face. Earth Wind's Corridor - Mist/Random 65 Silent, ATK+(S) 8 Cole
Tuft A hairball of a shedding, young kobold. It is soft, and smells like the sun. Wind The Heights/Random 55 Stun+(S) 3 Cole
Knot A hairball of an old kobold. It is rough and kotty, but is proof of an adult kobold. Wind Millennium Tree/Random 80 Daze+(M) 24 Cole
Shiny Moustache A bright moustache, said to appear on kobolds beyond their limit. These kobolds become chieftains. Water God's Scar/Random, Resource Center - Unorganized Zone/Random 90 Mega Heal, Vortex 81 Cole
Beast Fang A common fang of a carnivorous beast. Sizes may vary, but they are all sharp at the tip. Fire 55 Poison 8 Cole
Monster Bone A strange shaped bone of a monster. It emanates an evil aura that attracts other evill. Fire 70 Nightmare, Half 44 Cole
Dragon Bone The bone of a grand dragon. It can be used for medicine and accessories to make strong items. Fire 75 Stun+(L), ATK+(M) 56 Cole
Dragon Scale A scale that has strong resistance to various attacks. One is enough to make a piece of equipment. Water 100 Tempest, RES+(M) 68 Cole
Dragon Tongue Used as nutritional fortification and for longevity. It tastes very gamey. Fire 100 Teraflame, AP Gain+ 81 Cole
Angel's Slip Its soft touch will remind you of an angel's wing. It is, however, quite revealing. Wind 70 Healing, RES+(S) 16 Cole
Devil's Panties It is revealing, yet cute. Perfect for its name. But not recommended for use during winter. Water 70 Provoke, Critical+(M) 44 Cole
Rainbow Feather A prismatic feather that changes colors. It is said to bring good luck. Wind 85 SPD+(L) 95 Cole
Crimson Feather A Harpy's wing, died crimson red. If you find one, a Harpy nest is close by. Fire 55 Flame Gaze, SPD+(S) 16 Cole
White Feather A pure, snow-white feather that is soft and light as down, off of an uncommon white bird. Wind 65 SP+(S), SPD+(S) 24 Cole
Black Feather A pitch black feather that will make you feel depressed when you look at it. Wind 100 Venom, SPD+(M) 68 Cole
Glowing Petal A bright flower petal that glows in the dark. It can be used as path markers at night. Earth 80 Boost, RES+(L) 56 Cole
Blue Petal A blue flower petal that is most likely from a very huge plant. Can be found often in the bushes. Water 60 Ice Storm 3 Cole
Red Petal A blood-red flower petal of a man-eating plant. You don't want to know why it's so red. Fire 65 Critical+(S) 3 Cole
Wild Meat Perfectly aged meat of a wild animal. It is best when grilled over an open flame. Fire 55 Daze+(S) 2 Cole
Rotten Meat Wild animal meat that has changed colors for being out too long. Try it, only if you dare. Earth 10 Silent, Curse 2 Cole
Golden Meat A shiny piece of meat from a golden pig. Supreme pork, both in nutrition and taste. N/A 75 Teraflame, Blizzard 45 Cole
Worn Weapon A memento of a sad, nameless adventurer. It's useable after a little fixing up. Earth 60 Critical+(S), ATK+(S) 8 Cole
Worn Armor Useless beaten up armor that was used by an adventurer. It has eroded so badly you can't even tell. Wind 60 DEF+(M), SPD+(S) 44 Cole
Woodchip Pieces of a tree that fell against the wind. Not pillar worthy, but it might come in use. Earth 55 Stun+(S) 3 Cole
Giant Woodchip An unusually big piece of wood. It is in good condition, and is worthy of complicated use. Earth 65 Stun+(M), Refresh 16 Cole
Soul of Darkness A chaotic collective of demonic souls. Just holding it might attract other evil spirits. Water 15 SP+(S) 24 Cole
Gear A typical cog used for various devices. Combine them to perform any precise movements. Fire 60 ATK+(S) 4 Cole
Grand Gear A rather large cog. It has the same number of gears but is more precise. Fire 70 ATK+(M) 32 Cole
Little Gear A tiny, but functioning cog. It is more precise, but harder to handle. Fire 80 ATK+(S), Critical+(S) 21 Cole
Monster Cookie A cookie with mystery ingredients that bakes in the shape of a monster. Cinnamon flavor. Fire Jess/Funny Pouch 55 Provoke 10 Cole
Puni Gummi A Puni shaped gummi. The special formula reproduces the exact Puni texture. Water Jess/Funny Pouch 60 Stun+(S), Daze+(S) 10 Cole
Puppy Paw Flan Chocolate flavored flan made in the shape of a puppy paw. A wonderful little treat. Earth Jess/Funny Pouch 65 Half, HP+(S) 10 Cole
Taiyaki A beautifully made sweet treat, filled with red bean paste to the tip of the tail. Water Jess/Funny Pouch 60 Critical+(M) Tornado 39 Cole
Candy Eye Candy that looks exactly like an eye of a demon. But it is strawberry milk flavored. Yum. Water Jess/Funny Pouch 55 Flame Gaze, Ice Storm 18 Cole
Scale Chips Fried scales. A very interesting texture, but the ingredients are... unknown. Wind Jess/Funny Pouch 75 HP+(L), SP+(M) 79 Cole
99% Chaos Choco The best selling chocolate in hell, laced with chaos. Has a very strong chaos taste. Fire Jess/Funny Pouch 80 Tempest, Calamity 79 Cole
Vanilla Syrup The best syrup with a lasting sweetness. This syrup will make any snack better. Water Jess/Funny Pouch 60 RES+(M), Critical+(M) 28 Cole
Rocks rock! A rock-like sugar candy. Be careful not to mix with normal rocks. Fire Jess/Funny Pouch 65 Thunder Rain, ATK+(M) 51 Cole
Long Ice Cream A long and tall soft serve ice cream. Much skill is needed when trying to eat it. Water Jess/Funny Pouch 70 Stun+(M), Ice Storm 51 Cole
Meringue Whip A light, smooth whip of pure white, semi-sweet cream. For that extra touch in your everyday meal. Water Jess/Funny Pouch 100 AP Gain+ 65 Cole
Earth Core A crystallized soul of Diemia, the Mana of Earth. Has strong potential Ether Effects. Earth Bonus Dungeon/Random 50 DEF++, Daze++ N/A
Wind Core A crystallized soul of Silwest, the Mana of Wind. Has strong potential Ether Effects. Wind Bonus Dungeon/Random 50 SPD++, Attack Spec+ N/A
Aqua Core A crystallized soul of Nymph, the Mana of Water. Has strong potential Ether Effects. Water Bonus Dungeon/Random 50 RES++, Critical++ N/A
Flame Core A crystallized soul of Uru, the Mana of Fire. Has strong potential Ether Effects. Fire Bonus Dungeon/Random 50 ATK++, Stun++ N/A
Metal Core A crystallized soul of Zweg, the Mana of Metal. Has strong potential Ether Effects. Earth Bonus Dungeon/Random 50 MGK++, SP++ N/A
Nature Core A crystallized soul of Dour, the Mana of Wood. Has strong potential Ether Effects. Water Bonus Dungeon/Random 50 HP++, Regenerate N/A
Mist Core A crystallized soul of Faustus, the Mana of Illusion. Has strong potential Ether Effects. Wind Bonus Dungeon/Random 50 Block, Defense Spec+ N/A
Soul Core A crystallized soul of Aion, the Mana of Life. Has strong potential Ether Effects. Fire Bonus Dungeon/Random 50 Guts, Last Stand N/A
Force Core A crystallized soul of Eital, the Mana of Light. Has strong potential Ether Effects. Water Bonus Dungeon/Random 50 CS Effect++, CS Cost-- N/A
Eternal Core A crystallized soul of Luplus the Mana of Time. Has strong potential Ether Effects. Wind Bonus Dungeon/Random 50 Death Blow, Quick N/A
Synthesizable Items
Name Description Element Synthesis Recipe E-Level E-Effect Sell Price
Flour A pure white powder made from crushing some grain. The one necessity in most cooking. Variable Variable 14 Cole
Salt The basic spice to cooking. It can taste different depending on the ingredient used. Variable Variable 32 Cole
Black Powder Blasting powder made from very flammable material. Take great care when handling, or else... Variable Variable 94 Cole
Polish Powder Grainy powder used to polish other objects. It takes some time and skill to make it work. Variable Variable 52 Cole
Shiny Powder Sparkly, snowflake powder infused with Mana powers. Used in many complicated syntheses. Variable Variable 172 Cole
Magical Clay Alchemically enhanced clay that is easily processed and easily sculpted. Variable Variable 46 Cole
Blood Clay Red clay infused with the power of life. It continues to pulse, much like a heart. Variable Variable 122 Cole
Black Steel Steel with a black shine. A basic metal used for various items in alchemy. Variable Variable 66 Cole
Red Steel A red glowing magic steel, infused with the power of flames. It emanates warmth to those around it. Variable Variable 126 Cole
Blue Steel A dull glowing magic steel, infused with the power of water. It carries a very cold aura. Variable Variable Cole
White Steel A white magic steel, infused with the power of the wind. It is light like air but strong like steel. Variable Variable Cole
Altena Ingot Silver, blessed with holy powers. Very hard metal that is used for complicated syntheses. Variable Variable Cole
Gold Bullion The ultimate goal of alchemy. But its only one of the graduation goals at Al-Revis Academy. Variable Variable Cole
Black Liquid A liquid that rots and rots until it turns black. It will melt everything except glass. Variable Variable Cole
Nicro Cloth Common cloth. It is cheap but durable, so it is popular among students. Made for practicality. Variable Variable Cole
Pleather Cloth Synthesized cloth that feels like leather, but is made of everything but animal leather. Variable Variable Cole
Silky Cloth A very touchable white cloth. Used for luxury clothing designs. Variable Variable Cole
Formell Fabric Cloth woven with the unique technology of a faraway land. Very durable and light. Variable Variable Cole
Goat Cheese Popular cheese with thick flavor and strong smell. It is best when aged for 3 years. Variable Variable Cole
Bacon Animal meat smoked over woodchips. The fat and smoke are key to its taste. Variable Variable Cole
Smoked Fish Smoked fish. The taste depends on the fish you use. Variable Variable Cole
Liquid Metal A substance that is metal, but liquid. It had been a great discover in alchemy history. Variable Variable Cole
Preservative A preservative that, miraculously, has no effect on health. But people still try not to use it. Variable Variable Cole
Dietary Fiber A thin fiber that is extracted from vegetables. Very durable and is not easy to cut. Variable Variable Cole
Silver Thread Silver was woven into this thread using alchemy. Its magic makes it very durable. Variable Variable Cole
Clear Fiber A clear, ultra thin thread. If you lose it, you will never be able to find it again. Variable Variable Cole
Plosion Substance that increases explosive power. The material itself is not flammable. Variable Variable Cole
Le Merou Cog Once made, it can never be taken apart because of its complicated nature. Variable Variable Cole
Eternal Turnkey A spring that will continue to move forever, though, it is rather useless. Variable Variable Cole
Zettel A common piece of paper. It can be used for various purposes, and is easy to synthesize. Variable Variable Cole
Holy Crest Paper Magical paper used for important documents. It keeps its quality for over a thousand years. Variable Variable Cole
Apollo's Diapason A model of the diapason that Sir Apollo rang himself. The vibration works well as a massage. Variable Variable Cole
Fortune Ring Three intertwined rings make this charm a travelers' favorite. It is to pray for safety. Variable Variable Cole
Galilean Scope A thermometer with spheres that float and change colors. It can measure up to 1/1000 of a degree. Variable Variable Cole
Pentagle A crystallized form of a very pure soul. Used as an energy source for powerful magic. Variable Variable Cole
Brilliant Stone A holy stone blessed by guardian prayers. It has evil warding powers that can be used for a charm. Variable Variable Cole
Gearbox A mechanical box with an infinite number of spinning gears. There isn't much to see inside. Variable Variable Cole
Canone Crystal The burning essence of the Canone Rock was extracted to make this crystal. Highly explosive. Variable Variable Cole
Glacier Crystal The freezing essence of the Glacier Stone was extracted to make this crystal. Beware of frostbite. Variable Variable Cole
Thunder Crystal Electricity from a Thunder Stone was extracted into this crystal. Wear rubber gloves when holding. Variable Variable Cole
Auto Igniter An all purpose auto igniter with a timer. 10 levels of flame intensity. Variable Variable Cole
Coolster A device that constantly releases cold air. For refrigeration and air conditioning. Variable Variable Cole
Voidspark Pipe A device that creates lightning inside a pipe. It may be small but it is pretty powerful. Variable Variable Cole
Metronome Used to time tempo. Even if there's an earthquake, it will keep its rhythm. Variable Variable Cole
Carabine Harp A dragon decorates the tip of the harp. It takes more than 5 years to learn how to play this. Variable Variable Cole
Wood Tympani A wooden tympani that makes various sounds. Just this one instrument can become an orchestra. Variable Variable Cole
Organne la Firste The instrument that started a percussion revolution. You need both hands and feet to play it. Variable Variable Cole
Velvet Horn It is popular for its soft velvety sound which is similar to nothing else in this world. Variable Variable Cole
Alchemic Cymbal A magic cymbal that resonates in one's heart. Its alchemic nature produces a strange effect. Variable Variable Cole
Loveless Potion A dubious anti-love potion that Jess created. You'll need courage to drink it. Variable Variable


Vayne's Weapons
Name Description Element Synthesis Recipe Sell Price HP SP ATK MGK DEF RES SPD
Ragged Collar An old collar that Sulpher had on. Earth Old Collar 28 Cole 9 2 2 2 2
Leather Collar A high quality leather collar. Water Old Collar 62 Cole 17 4 4 4 4
Flea Necklace A medicinal collar that rids fleas. Water Medicinal Collar 58 Cole 22 6 6 6 6
Pretty Ribbon A cute ribbon. Not Sulpher's favorite. Wind Cute Ribbon 80 Cole 32 16 16 16 8
Giant's Ring A giant ring that is perfect as a collar. Earth Huge Ring 184 Cole 45 23 23 23 11
Bone Necklace A simple yet elegant collar made of bone. Fire Medicinal Collar 140 Cole 34 17 17 17 9
Jumbo Donut An inedible donut. Strange looking. Fire Huge Donut 138 Cole 68 34 34 34 17
Cait Sith's Collar A luxurious collar with decorations. Water Cute Ribbon 298 Cole 85 43 43 43 21
Runed Collar An inscribed collar with magical words. Fire Collar of Magic 312 Cole 97 49 49 49 24
Magic Stone Collar A strong collar with magic stones. Fire Collar of Magic 564 Cole 108 54 54 54 27
Brisingamen A goddess' necklace used as a collar. Fire God's Necklace 516 Cole 121 61 61 61 30
Mana Torque A collar made from crystallized Mana. Wind In Bonus Dungeon 1 Cole 75 75 150 150 75 75 32
Flay's Weapons
Name Description Element Synthesis Recipe Sell Price HP SP ATK MGK DEF RES SPD
Pyre Blade A large blade with various gimmicks. Fire Standard Mechsword 72 Cole 39
Machine Cradle A Pyre Blade with more functions. Wind Epigonic Mechsword 111 Cole 49
Alvero The mechsword of an anonymous warrior. Wind Modified Mechsword 172 Cole 63
Sharkgill Sword A scary mechsword with shark teeth. Water Modified Mechsword 272 Cole 88
Pyre Blade II The Pyre Blade with 50% more coolness. Fire Standard Mechsword 340 Cole 117
Progius A super powerful, heavy mechsword. Fire Enhanced Mechsword 336 Cole 134
Quartz Slicer Its crystal pulse slices everything. Wind Motorized Mechsword 354 Cole 147
Deus ex Machina A legendary sword that works forever. Water Master Mechsword 598 Cole 166
Dandy Blade A physical form of dark dandyism. N/A In Bonus Dungeon 1 Cole 200 200 100
Roxis's Weapons
Name Description Element Synthesis Recipe Sell Price HP SP ATK MGK DEF RES SPD
Astral Card A common fortune telling card. Water Game Card 78 Cole 29 15
Flonne's Charm A cheap charm with a weak blessing. Fire Ritual Card 180 Cole 38 19
Bonus Card A bonus item in some candy. Very sturdy. Water Bonus Card 124 Cole 52 26
Trauer Tarot An augur's card for serious divination. Water Magic Card 192 Cole 62 31
Solingen A card with sharp razor blades. Fire Razor Card 198 Cole 50 43 22
Wild Card A versatile card for various situations. N/A Razor Card 268 Cole 84 42
Itsa Card A fake of a popular trading card. Wind Game Card 444 Cole 103 52
Type Solomon A legendary card of a demon's powers. Fire Magic Act 402 Cole 118 59
Fate Spinner It can change the fate of the user. N/A In Bonus Dungeon 1 Cole 100 150 50 150 25
Jess's Weapons
Name Description Element Synthesis Recipe Sell Price HP SP ATK MGK DEF RES SPD
Favorite Bag Jess' favorite bag to stuff things in. Wind Lovely Bag 20 Cole 13
Fake Brand Bag A fake of a brand name bag. Well made. Water Luxury Purse 36 Cole 23
Brand Name Bag A copy of a popular brand name bag. Fire Luxury Purse 66 Cole 34
Alchemist's Basket Has a lot of storage space for all needs. Earth Net Basket 82 Cole 49
Alchemic Bag A bag with some metals. Very hard. Earth Alchemy Pack 208 Cole 61 20
Plate Bag Made of steel. Not your everyday bag. Fire Metallic Pack 298 Cole 96 48
Eco-bag Designed with nature and harmony in mind. Wind Net Basket 354 Cole 116
Angel's Bag Very cute with angel wing decorations. Wind Alchemy Pack 436 Cole 138
Dimension Bag Connects with another dimension. N/A High Capacity Pack 486 Cole 151
Shopping Basket It can solve any problem in shopping. N/A In Bonus Dungeon 1 Cole 100 250 150
Nikki's Weapons
Name Description Element Synthesis Recipe Sell Price HP SP ATK MGK DEF RES SPD
Crack Hammer A unique hammer of the beastmen. Wind Hammeryhammer 76 Cole 10 5
Wooden Club Maded by shaving a tree trunk. Earth Wooden Beatstick 26 Cole 16 8
Brownie Hammer A brownie's favorite hammer. Wind Wooden Beatstick 72 Cole 23 12
Crusher Twins A destructive weapon just like its name. Earth Hammeryhammer 92 Cole 30 16
Sledgehammer A turbo device makes a greater impact. Fire Charge Hammer 152 Cole 39 20
Vorey Splitter A professional item with a steel ball. Wind Hammeryhammer Plus 228 Cole 56 28
Yula Hammer A giant hammer with a flat dot. Earth Wooden Beatstick 342 Cole 88 44
Grand Sledgehammer A big and great sledgehammer. Fire Charge Hammer 648 Cole 111 56
Thor Hammer A shiny, golden hammer used by god. Wind God's Hammer 654 Cole 120 60
Ultimate Mace A weapon carved from the strongest metal. N/A In Bonus Dungeon 1 Cole 100 150 50 100 50
Pamela's Weapons
Name Description Element Synthesis Recipe Sell Price HP SP ATK MGK DEF RES SPD
Doll's Claw Soft claws of a stuffed animal. Earth Stuffed Animal 38 Cole 9 17
Plastic Claw A plastic claw that looks strong. Fire Stuffed Animal 96 Cole 13 26
Steel Claw Steel nails make this teddy scary. Earth Metallic Claw 106 Cole 18 32
Bear Claw Sharpened claws that can dig deep. Wind Beast's Claw 186 Cole 21 39
Alloy Claw Pierces through like sharp needles. Earth Metallic Claw 328 Cole 53 89
Super Alloy Claw Enhanced claws using super alloy. Earth Metallic Claw 488 Cole 61 101
Electric Claw It spins for greater destructive power. Wind Beast's Claw 470 Cole 76 117
Hellclaw A hand modeled after a devil in hell. Earth Claw Super Weapon 574 Cole 97 139
Platinum Claw Very expensive claws made of platinum. Wind In Bonus Dungeon 1 Cole 300 150 50
Anna's Weapons
Name Description Element Synthesis Recipe Sell Price HP SP ATK MGK DEF RES SPD
Dimentia Blade Anna's favorite sword. Easy to use. Water Favorite Sword 162 Cole 25 19
Muramasa An enchanted sword with a strange aura. Water Favorite Sword 212 Cole 38 30
Blue Dragon Double edged sword with a huge blade. Water Foreign Blade 186 Cole 62 53
Ben Breaker A god's sword said to cut a mountain. Earth Foreign Blade 364 Cole 76 68
Azoth Z A replica of a sword from another world. N/A Alchemic Sword 498 Cole 87 83
Pellucian A supreme sword of the blades master. Water A Master's Swing 408 Cole 97 97
Stargazer A blade that can cut a star. Water In Bonus Dungeon 1 Cole 100 200 50 100 50
Muppy's Weapons
Name Description Element Synthesis Recipe Sell Price HP SP ATK MGK DEF RES SPD
Commerical Pot Made with emphasis on cost-performance. Fire Sphere Spaceship 92 Cole 34 34
Proto Pot An old, but useable pot for testing. Fire Sphere Spaceship 182 Cole 52 52
Mark II Developed in secret and mass produced. Fire Neo Spaceship 242 Cole 81 81
Pot Station A collection of all technologies in one. Earth Object From Space 382 Cole 101 101
Crown Pot A personal pot used only by royalty. Earth Royal Spaceship 618 Cole 111 111
Pleasant Pot The perfect balance of simple elegance. Earth In Bonus Dungeon 1 Cole 300 200 200


Name Description Element Synthesis Recipe Characters Sell Price Effect
Leather Cuirass Lightweight armor for minimum guard Earth Light Armor Vayne, Nikki, Flay, Anna 62 Cole DEF+61, RES+64
Iron Plate Heavy armor made from iron scraps Earth Platemail Vayne, Nikki, Flay, Anna 94 Cole DEF+74, RES+77
Bronze Plate Magic enchants this bronze armor Earth Platemail Vayne, Nikki, Flay, Anna 134 Cole DEF+96, RES+99
Baked Plate Mystery armor made of cookies and cake Fire Platemail Vayne, Nikki, Flay, Anna 80 Cole DEF+85, RES+88
Armored Crab Crimson armor shaped like a crab shell Water Platemail Vayne, Nikki, Flay, Anna 120 Cole DEF+105, RES+110
Kaiserfish Mail Armor made to look like the fish hero Water Royal Metal Armor Vayne, Nikki, Flay, Anna 256 Cole DEF+120, RES+125
Silver Cuirass Light, strong armor made of silver Wind Royal Metal Armor Vayne, Nikki, Flay, Anna 238 Cole DEF+124, RES+129
Gold Mail Golden armor with gorgeous decorations N/A Royal Metal Armor Vayne, Nikki, Flay, Anna 480 Cole DEF+137, RES+143
Male Uniform An orthodox male student uniform Earth Standard Uniform-M Vayne, Flay, Roxis 20 Cole DEF+43, RES+37
Altered Uniform M Uniform for boys who want to stand out Earth Standard Uniform-M Vayne, Flay, Roxis 38 Cole DEF+56, RES+49
Japanesque Uniform A unique outfit that attracts attention Fire Oldschool Uniform Vayne, Flay, Roxis 52 Cole DEF+77, RES+68
White Japanesque A pure white uniform with a classy feel Water Oldschool Uniform Vayne, Flay, Roxis 170 Cole DEF+116, RES+102
Gangster Only the boss of the school wears this Wind Oldschool Uniform Vayne, Flay, Roxis 356 Cole DEF+129, RES+113
King Style Formal outfit for the royal gentleman Earth Royal Clothes Vayne, Flay, Roxis 346 Cole DEF+141, RES+124
Female Uniform An orthodox female student uniform Wind Standard Uniform-F Jess, Nikki, Pamela, Anna 20 Cole DEF+31, RES+49
Altered Uniform F For girls who care about fashion Wind Standard Uniform-F Jess, Nikki, Pamela, Anna 40 Cole DEF+39, RES+61
Long Uniform Less hoochy for the conservative girls Wind Standard Uniform-F Jess, Nikki, Pamela, Anna 74 Cole DEF+51, RES+79
Bad Girl For the real boss. Chain included Fire Retro Uniform Jess, Nikki, Pamela, Anna 92 Cole DEF+62, RES+98
Maiden Clothes of virgins who serve god Wind Retro Uniform Jess, Nikki, Pamela, Anna 456 Cole DEF+104, RES+163
Heaven's Silk A silk bustier of heavenly touch Wind Elegant Clothes Jess, Nikki, Pamela, Anna 182 Cole DEF+79, RES+124
Black Cat A dealer outfit with a kitty ear accent Earth Cat Suit Jess, Nikki, Pamela, Anna 158 Cole DEF+66, RES+104
Kitty Ear Maid A maid outfit with blaring kitty ears Earth Cat Suit Jess, Nikki, Pamela, Anna 400 Cole DEF+97, RES+151
Raven Robe It may look somber, but it's very strong Earth Robe Jess, Pamela, Roxis, Muppy 68 Cole DEF+74, RES+101
Arabesque Robe A strange looking, bright green robe Wind Robe Jess, Pamela, Roxis, Muppy 64 Cole DEF+57, RES+78
La Matador The crimson robe of a legendary matador Fire Robe Jess, Pamela, Roxis, Muppy 86 Cole DEF+66, RES+89
Aurora Curtain Clothes that glow like an aurora Water Magic Garments Jess, Pamela, Roxis, Muppy 286 Cole DEF+150, RES+150
Dragonscale Garb A magical gown made of woven dragonscale Fire Magic Garments Jess, Pamela, Roxis, Muppy 322 Cole DEF+123, RES+120
Fishscale Garb A magical gown made of fishscale instead Water Magic Garments Jess, Pamela, Roxis, Muppy 172 Cole DEF+136, RES+136
Chocolate Robe An edible robe made of chocolate Water Robe Jess, Pamela, Roxis, Muppy 196 Cole DEF+147, RES+107
Estevan Guard Regal alloy armor, heavily decorated Wind Heavy Armor Vayne, Flay 330 Cole ATK+19, DEF+149, RES+99
Bone Breastplate Eerie armor made of bones and skulls Fire Heavy Armor Vayne, Flay 170 Cole ATK+16, DEF+122, RES+81
Crown Breastplate Blessed armor made to guard the royalty Earth Holy Armor Vayne, Flay 432 Cole ATK+22, DEF+173, RES+115
Panzer Cloak A heavily armored cloak for protection Earth Hardened Cloak Roxis 118 Cole MGK+13, DEF+69, RES+104
Imperial Cloth A decorated armored cloak for royalty Earth Hardened Cloak Roxis 332 Cole MGK+20, DEF+103, RES+155
Feathery Flow Very light armor made of plumes Wind Women's Armor Nikki, Anna 186 Cole ATK+16, DEF+129, RES+114
Star Queen Elegant armor for the legendary queen Earth Women's Armor Nikki, Anna 370 Cole ATK+18, DEF+143, RES+127
Angel Cloth Armor with wings for innocent maidens Wind Women's Armor Nikki, Anna 456 Cole ATK+19, DEF+151, RES+134
Alchemy Robe Clothes worn by the legendary alchemist Water Legendary Robe Jess, Pamela 334 Cole MGK+25, DEF+65, RES+195
Saint's Garb Holy garment guarded by holy powers Wind Legendary Robe Jess, Pamela 536 Cole MGK+27, DEF+71, RES+214
Lucifer's Leotard A sexy leotard with an alluring aura Wind Sexy Outfit Jess, Pamela 398 Cole MGK+25, DEF+67, RES+201
Bleak Veil Woven with cloth, darker than black N/A Dark Battlespirit Vayne 590 Cole DEF+199, RES+180
Gallant Mantle Reminiscent of the boldest hero N/A Man's Mantle Flay 528 Cole DEF+238, RES+149
Grand Alchemist Robes worn only by the great alchemist N/A Grand Robe Roxis 596 Cole DEF+149, RES+238
Biohair Wig Cool extensions of the near future N/A Sensitive Hair Jess 538 Cole DEF+179, RES+198
Holy Beast Hide Battlegear made of beastlord coats N/A Beast Hide Nikki 582 Cole DEF+207, RES+177
Knight's Waistcoat Noble armor worn by masters of the sword N/A Master's Outfit Anna 534 Cole DEF+179, RES+179, SPD+40
Robe of Life Spiritual robes of a high priest N/A Incanter's Garb Pamela 592 Cole DEF+119, RES+268
Rejuvenator Skin Advanced pneumatic liquid armor N/A Liquid Armor Muppy 466 Cole DEF+250, RES+156
Mana-eurism Coat The ultimate armor woven with Mana gems N/A In Bonus Dungeon Vayne 1 Cole ATK+50, MGK+50, DEF+150, RES+150, SPD+25
Man's Clothes For the man. For the strongest gangster N/A In Bonus Dungeon Flay 1 Cole HP+150, ATK+250
Meister Cloak Robes of an alchemy master N/A In Bonus Dungeon Roxis 1 Cole MGK+50, DEF+100, RES+200, SPD+25
Dame's Hair A wig designed like a noble lady's hair N/A In Bonus Dungeon Jess 1 Cole MGK+80, DEF+120, RES+160
Beast Leather Armor made of beast hide. Kind of smelly N/A In Bonus Dungeon Nikki 1 Cole ATK+100, DEF+175, RES+125
Swiftwing Garb The wind's robe of ultimate speed N/A In Bonus Dungeon Anna 1 Cole ATK+50, DEF+120, RES+120, SPD+50
Platinum Robe A robe woven with platinum. Expensive N/A In Bonus Dungeon Pamela 1 Cole SP+100, MGK+75, RES+150
Future Suit Evolved Rejuvenator Skin. Non-stick N/A In Bonus Dungeon Muppy 1 Cole HP+166, DEF+166, RES+166


Name Description Element Synthesis Recipe Sell Price Effect
Flame Ring A firestone ring with a burning aura. [Fire Resist] Fire Magic Ring 138 Cole Fire Resist
Ice Ring An icestone ring with a frosty aura. [Ice Resist] Water Magic Ring 138 Cole Ice Resist
Thunder Ring A thunderstone ring with many sparks. [Thunder Resist] Wind Magic Ring 138 Cole Thunder Resist
Fires of Hell A pot of stored flames from hell. [Fire Resist+] Fire Pot of Flames 426 Cole Fire Resist+
Diamond Dust A glacier than can never melt away. [Ice Resist+] Water Freezing Device 412 Cole Ice Resist+
Electric Elect A legendary device created long ago. [Thunder Resist+] Wind Electric Machine 376 Cole Thunder Resist+
Puppy Paw Gloves Very soft gloves. It feels soooooo good. [HP Up] Earth Gloves 18 Cole HP+30
Asclepius This charm increases the holder's spirit. [SP Up] Earth A Small Wand 36 Cole SP+20
Stone of Alectoria Life energy enchants this ancient stone. [HP Up] Fire Stone of Sealing 222 Cole HP+60
Symbol of Uroborus A snake ring charm. Represents eternity. [SP Up] Earth Alchemy Symbol 278 Cole SP+40
Thorn Gauntlet Gauntlets with some spikey decoration. [ATK Up] Fire Gloves 56 Cole ATK+20
Straw Doll A doll with a bow-tie charmpoint. [MGK Up] Earth Doll 36 Cole MGK+20
Gloves of Artorius Gauntlets to protect delicate hands. [DEF Up] Earth Gloves 60 Cole DEF+20
Vasilissa's Doll The girls seem to like voodoo dolls. [RES Up] Wind Doll 52 Cole RES+20
Angel Wing An accessory shaped like an angel wing. [SPD Up] Wind Wing of an Angel 88 Cole SPD+10
Megingjorz A belt that brings out super strength. [ATK Up] Wind Power Girdle 446 Cole ATK+80
Jade Tablet A stone slab with alchemy secrets. [MGK Up] Water Jade Tablet 404 Cole MGK+80
Shield of Ajax An enchanted shield of ultimate defense. [DEF Up] Earth Hard Shield 310 Cole DEF+80
Mirror of Gargol A strange mirror that absorbs magic. [RES Up] Water Hard Shield 412 Cole RES+80
Archangel Wings A blessed set of an archangel's wings. [All Stats Up] Wind Wing of an Angel 412 Cole HP+40, SPD+10, all others+20
Fallen Wing Dark wings of a devil. Can't fly. [SPD Up] Wind Wing of an Angel 214 Cole SPD+20
Scale Gauntlet Scales were used to better the design. [ATK&MGK Up] Water Gloves 224 Cole ATK+25, MGK+25
Kaiser: Aqua Hero Now you can be the Aqua Hero too! [Stat Change] Water Fishbot 276 Cole HP+50, SP+50, ATK+50, MGK+50

DEF-25, RES-25, SPD-25

Aroma Material Legacy of alchemy with holy powers. [Anomaly Immune] Wind The Gem of Alchemy 408 Cole Poison/Sleep/Curse/Seal/Slow Immune
Toad Mouth A coin purse charm, designer unknown. [Gain Cole+] Wind Wallet 124 Cole Gain Cole +20% if user in Vanguard/Support.

Counted once per battle.

Philosopher's Hand Think quicker by holding this hand. [AP Gain Up] Earth Handprint 102 Cole AP Gain +20%
Glasses of Death The enemy's weakness becomes visible. [Critical Up] Earth Glasses 150 Cole Critical Up
Feather Charm An earring made of bird feathers. [DEF&RES Up] Wind Head Gear 90 Cole DEF+10, RES+10
Kitty Ears Some people go crazy over this accessory. [HP&SP Up] Earth Head Gear 104 Cole HP+30, SP+15
Bunny Ears The young hardcore love this accessory. [Stun Immune] Wind Head Gear 290 Cole Stun Immune
Tangerine Hat The citrus aroma relaxes and calms. [Poison Immune] Water Fancy Hat 70 Cole Poison Immune
Lando Cap A potent Lando hat. Looks nice. [Seal Immune] Fire Fancy Hat 92 Cole Seal Immune
Yubana Cover You may just lose something when worn. [Sleep&Curse Immune] Earth Fancy Hat 166 Cole Sleep/Curse Immune
Afrotic Wig A cursed wig that gives headaches. [RES] Fire Afrotic Wig 190 Cole Magic Resist
Flying Fish Boots Shoes with fish instead of feathers. Water Boots 290 Cole Physical Resist
Winged Boots Feathery shoes. Lighter than air. [SP&SPD Up] Wind Boots 168 Cole SP+20, SPD+10
Mana-eurism Ring The ultimate ring of a Mana gem. [Auto HP Heal] N/A In Bonus Dungeon 1 Cole Recover 50HP/turn

SPD+25, all other stats+50

Willpower Headband A band of blood, sweat and guts. [Guts+Stun Resist] N/A In Bonus Dungeon 1 Cole Guts, Stun Resist

HP+200, DEF+100

Quickshifter Holy wings that move faster than light. [Shorter wait] N/A In Bonus Dungeon 1 Cole Reduced WT


Scapegoat Doll A traditional doll of evil warding. [Anomaly Immune] N/A In Bonus Dungeon 1 Cole Poison/Sleep/Curse/Seal/Slow Immune


Twilight Morion A black crystal born from the dark abyss. [Critical Up] N/A In Bonus Dungeon 1 Cole Critical Up

SP+150, MGK+150

Key Items

Key Items
Name Description Acquisition
Wings of Icarus A magical pendant given to every student. It will instantly return you to campus when used. Enroll in Synthesis I: Basics
Encyclopedia A user-friendly book that includes item recipes, tips and info about monsters. Start of game.
Student Handbook A handbook to prove that you attend the Academy. It records notes and schedules. Start of game.
Grow Book A book that records what you learned at school. The more you make, the more it becomes complete. Enroll in Combat I: Basics
Fishing Pole A simple fishing tool. It has a lure, so you don't have to change the bait. Enroll in Predictology I
Boomerang An alchemy enhanced boomerang with 100% chance to hit. Makes it easier to get fruits in trees. Enroll in Naturology I
Shovel An alchemy enhanced shovel that can dig through any kind of dirt. Useful for digging up veggies. Enroll in Pharmacy
Pickaxe An alchemy enhanced pickaxe that can break hard rocks. But it'll never destroy ore. Enroll in Minerology
Moon Flower Needed for medicine to cure Sulpher. It blooms deep beneath the Old Schoolhouse. Complete Chapter 8 event.
Koalaria Spirit A physical form of the pure heart of a Koalaria. Used by Nikki to borrow the powers of a Kinoara [sic]. Convert Koalaria-type monsters
Kobold Thoughts A physical form of the secret thoughts of Kobolds. Used by Nikki to borrow the powers of a Kobold. Convert Kobold-type monsters
Bear Hug A physical form of the fuzzy warmth of a Bear. Used by Nikki to borrow the powers of a Bear. Convert Bear-type monsters
Harpy's Heart A clump of the happy go lucky emotions of a Harpy. Used by Nikki to borrow the powers of Harpy. Convert Harpy-type monsters
Panther Pathos A crystal form of a Panther's burning passion. Used by Nikki to borrow the powers of a Panther. Convert Panther-type monsters
Shiny Puniball Proof that you have defeated the Army of Puni. Defeat Platinum Puni
Black Muscat A slick muscat with a black shine. A unique flavor of bitterness and slight sweetness. Wind's Corridor: Abyss (Chapter 7 Event)
Flask A typical flask. Used to mix liquids in syntheses. Resource Center Depths (Synthesis VII Equipment)
Rusty Flask An old, sooty flask from the Resource Center. We had an assignment to bring it back. Resource Center Depths (Synthesis VII Equipment)
Flask of Galileo A polished flask with a brand new shine. Emanates a very beautiful glow. Synth: Synthesizer's Text