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Atelier Marie, Elie and Lilie is a collection of different chapters (or rather, Scenarios) from Atelier Marie, Atelier Elie and Atelier Lilie respectively. Different scenarios were released periodically for each of the 3 titles, though they shared the same application and general theming, with reused assets from the original PS1/PS2 titles. Users would need to pay for each scenario to unlock and play them.

While the games themselves retained their original names, they are most commonly grouped together as Atelier Marie i, (iマリーのアトリエ), based on the original i-mode site that the games were available from. Most marketing also referred to the collection as Atelier Marie despite it having the rest of the Salburg cast.


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Atelier Marie

  • Memories Of a Hopeful Summer Flower (希望の花と夏の思い出)
  • Bamboo Thrower (バンブスロア)
  • It's Awfully Cold (とっても寒い)
  • The Last Working Day(仕事納め)
  • We'll Be Friends Through Thick and Thin (友情は何よりも固く)

Atelier Elie

  • Making Cheesecake is Difficult... (チーズケーキとろうそくと)
  • The Water Pollution Problem (水質汚染問題)
  • The Bride of Fresh Grass (若草の花嫁)
  • A Wish Granted (叶えられた願い)
  • Goodbye, My Love... (さよなら、私の恋)

Atelier Lilie

  • The Soldiers Burden (戦士の重み)
  • A Lovely Present (優しい贈り物)
  • Passing the Exam (サクラサク)
  • The Day I made Blue Armour (蒼い鎧を手に入れた日)
  • The Limits of Nature (自然の限界)


The Gameplay follows the original games closely, with the player gathering and crafting items to progress the story and eventually complete the scenario. Like the original games, some of the scenarios have multiple endings depending on what actions the player takes.


Atelier Marie

Atelier Elie

Atelier Lilie

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