Official Discord Server Elemental Tower Initiation Campaign

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Official Discord Server Elemental Tower Initiation Campaign is a special event of Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator.

For the launch of the Elemental Tower, a Discord campaign exclusive to the official Discord server was held. All participants who cleared the first 10 floors of the Tower and completed the survey found on the server could receive certain rewards handed out in late February.

Campaign Rewards

How to Enter

1. Clear 10F of the Elemental Tower.
2. Access the survey form and answer with player ID and Discord username.

Tower Floor 7F

After assessing that many players were stuck at 7F, a hint was given.

The boss will take zero damage until stunned!

Once successfully stunned, it is easier the boss and clear the floor.

The key point is to bring as many Breakers as possible and remember that floor effects enables to deal more stun damage when targeting the boss' weaknesses.