Key Items (Atelier Rorona)

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Key Items

Name Recipe Description
Old Letter - An old letter that Master handed you. Sterk and Astrid were acquainted before. We'll respect their privacy and leave the contents a secret.
A11 item 234.png
Pretty Stone
- The result of a failed synthesis. It's very beautiful. Unfortunately, you can't recreate it, since it was made accidentally.
A11 item 238.png
Friends Necklace
Pretty Stone x1 A necklace that Cordelia made from the broken stone. She worked very hard on it. She made a matching one for herself, too
Iksel Plate Food x4 A food that Iksel created to compete against Rorona. You can't describe the dish other than it's a great meat dish.
A11 item 230.png
Handmade Instrument
Eiche x3
Cotton Flower x1
Beast Skin x 1
An instrument for Tantris. This is the first instrument that you have ever made. When this item gets handed to Tantris, you know his goodbye is near.
A11 item 231.png
- A stone that certain Griffons drop. It's pretty and fragile, but it has no value as an ingredient. It's just proof that you defeated a Griffon.
A11 item 237.png
Mystery Potion
Water x2
Spirit's Breath x1
Healing Aroma x1
A potion made by following Astrid's memo. It seems like a sleeping potion. It's supposed to fix Lionela's puppets, but how is that supposed to work?
A11 item 228.png
Fantastic Wig
Tonic x1
Helmet x1
[Plant] x1
It weighs about 112 lbs. A normal person wouldn't be able to wear this wig, or even consider it, but it should make him happy...