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This page lists the Key Items that can be found in Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey.

Key Items

Name Lv Obtained Recipe Description
Dion's Letter 1 Complete Dion's tasks -

Dion: "This is my Letter of Recommendation for my license exam. No matter what hardships you face, don't give up."

Firis: "Ok! I'll do my best!"

Aurelie's Letter 1 Complete Aurelie's tasks -

Aurelie: "My Letter of Recommendation. Absolutely do not forget the words you've said!"

Firis: "Even if they're chores, I want to help others. I definitely won't forget!"

Ren's Letter 1 Complete Ren's tasks -

Ren: "I'll say it one more time. In alchemy, a goal is important. What's your purpose for alchemy?"

Firis: "Ok! My reason for using alchemy. I'll continue to think hard about it."

Norbert's Letter 1 Complete Norbert's tasks -

Firis: "Ok, this is the real one."

Norbert: "I told you it'd be fine, come on. In life you never know what's gonna happen. Always be ready for the unexpected."

Kirsche's Letter 1 Complete Kirsche's quests -

Firis: "Letter from Kirsche. Her writing is so cute!"

Kirsche: "That has nothing to do with it! As an alchemist, never forget your fightning spirit in difficulties."

Bag of Calming 45

Ren: "This is made for stopping the waterspout. Recipe came from Ilmeria. Just as I'd expect, it's a beautifully refined recipe."

Firis: "Yeah! Il was working really hard!!"

Atelier Tent 49 After leaving Ertona -

Firis: "This is the atelier that I got from my teacher! It's so spacious, and so useful!"

Liane: "The ability to bend space... There's no telling the limits of alchemy..."

Stylish Clothes 25 Buy at Nanna's Shop (20000 cole) -

Liane: "Firis, this suits you so well, such cute clothes!"

Firis: "Ok, ok. I get that I don't seem very adult-like. Hmph..."

Licensed Alchemist ID 1 After passing the License Exam -

Firis: "This extremely important ID is proof that I'm a licenced alchemist!"

Edel: "On each individual one is written my elegant signature! Take care of it!"

Guiding Tribe's Memoir 1 -

Meklet: "This is the journal our friend wrote."

Atomina: "It's pretty beat up. Don't pay any mind to the doodles and poems written."

Firis: "Ah, ha ha... no problem..."

Liane's Earrings 35 -

Firis: "Lia's earrings! The beautiful stones in them, this really suits you, Lia."

Liane: "Hehe, thank you! Getting compliments from Firis... I'm so happy!"

Gold Puni Statue 1 Puniball: Gold x1

Ingot x3

(Metal) x5

(Neutralizer) x1

Liane: "My, this is a golden Puni! It's probably gold plated, but. You're kidding!? Pure gold?!"

Firis: "I don't get it either. Why I had to make something like this and all."

Cute Stuffed Toy 1 -
Chick Stuffed Toy 19 -
Broken Fritz Doll 1 -
Fritz Doll 6
B. White Abyss Key 1 - Firis: "We were entrusted with this key from some strange person. It's quite clearly broken."

Liane: "It's rusted and blackened, but it's called a 'white' keye. Even the name is strange."

Anvil 26 Escha: "Anba... Anvil!"

Firis: "Wow, you said it! Good job, Escha! This is a stand to use when smithing."

Escha: "Yeah. Clang clang!"

Sledgehammer 3 Firis: "Escha, this is a special-made hammer for smithing."

Escha: "Yeah! ...Wah!"

Firis: "Oh no! It broke a hole in the floor!? That's the power you'd expect from it."

R. White Abyss Key 10
White Abyss Key 19 R. White Abyss Key x1

Polish x1

Zapping Water x1

Revy: "Legendary key listed on ancient texts, hm. It gives off a mysterious shine, doesn't it."

Firis: "As long as we have this, even skeleton monsters. We can defeat them!"

Cute Doll 10 Silver Web x5

(Clay) x2

(Thread) x2

(Neutralizer) x1

Drossel: "Firis! Yes!!"

Firis: "Uh, ummm... With that smile on your face and the thums up... You look happy, never mind..."

Ultimate Gem 40
Deluxe Compress 11