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Assignments are the way to progress in the game in Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky.

There are a total of 9 terms in the game, each one with 25 assignments, and with a duration of four months each one. They are updated during months 4, 8 and 12. For each term, there is one Major Assignment (obligatory) and the rest are optional Minor Assignments which improve the grade points.

Each assignment has a Completion Meter, represented with 10 stars; when all the stars are filled, the assignment is completed. There are some assignments with multiple steps, which show a "RENEW" label when they change. The player can see hints for completing the assignments on the right panel.

Completed assignments need to be reported to Marion. Tasks to report will be marked with a "Report" label. After reporting the major assignment, a period of "Free Time" will start until the end of the term. During Free Time, characters events will be available, and the player is free to do what they want.

When there are 14 or less days remaining to the end of the term, "Free Time" will change to "Report Period". Reporting to Marion then will end the current term, and unfinished tasks will close. Reporting quickly will grant the player more time for the next term (up to 15 days).

Major Assignments overview

Term Assignment Request Due date
1 Deliver the Parts Deliver Windmill Parts to Clone (Apple Orchard in Colseit) Year 1, 7/30
2 Investigate Southern Ruins Investigate Southern Ruins Year 1, 11/30
3 Support Materials Deliver a Purify Bottle and Food to the Frontier Village chief Year 1, 3/30
4 Water Source Research Investigate Abandoned River's water source Year 2, 7/30
5 Slag Graveyard Investigate Slag Graveyard Year 2, 11/30
6 Save the Orchard Deliver Growth Nutrients and Fertilizer to Faul at the Apple Orchard Year 2, 3/30
7 Defeat the Giant Slag! Slay Tank at the Southern Ruins Year 3, 7/30
8 New Ruins Investigate Lab of Eternity Year 3, 11/30
9 Survey Team's Visit Deliver (Food) or Canned Food to the Homunculus in Development Office Year 3, 3/30

(Note that the years start on 4/1).