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I am:

  • A human
  • F
  • Lurking around Odin Sphere, Dissidia, Phantasy Star, Mana Khemia, and MÄR Wikia. This wiki adds up for the list of Wikia I'm contributing on.
  • Soon-to-be graduated from the middle school
  • Replaying Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al Revis. Pamela ending beaten!
  • Playing these titles from GUST: Atelier Iris (but I don't play Eternal Mana .____.) || Ar Tonelico (only the second. Getting my hands on the first.) || Mana Khemia
  • Call me Lavi. My last name is Aurelius because Vayne is my older brother! >____<
  • Feel free to leave me a message concerning anything or just want chatting with me. I won't bite!
  • My favorite Iris series would be The Azoth of Destiny. Ask me anything!