Toshiharu Yamanishi

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Toshiharu Yamanishi (山西利治, Yamanishi Toshiharu) is an Atelier series composer who has contributed to early Atelier games. His earliest work for Gust was featured in the game Falcata, published in 1995, though his experience composing for video games dates back to the soundtracks of Thunder Force III (1990) and Thunder Force IV (1992), as well as other games he worked on during his time at the now-defunct Technosoft.

He composed roughly half of the Atelier Marie: Alchemist of Salburg Original Soundtrack, Yamanishi's most notable musical contribution is "I'm Working Right Now!" ("只今お仕事中!", Tadaima Oshigotochuu!), which became somewhat of a theme for the Salburg series as a whole. In addition to appearing on the Atelier Best CD and playing in some form on every Salburg-related title, a total of twelve variations of it have been released on official Gust soundtracks, the most recent example being on that of Atelier Lina: The Alchemist of Strahl.