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Memory Diary is a feature in Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk.

Requirement Cost Bonus Hints Diary Entries
Finishing the Goal ★Herb Garden★ 50 Memory Pts HP Up: Raises maximum HP
MP Up: Raises maximum MP
  • Nio was there
  • Spectacled Man
  • Need Alchemy
  • Start Journey
Nio was There!
I went to the herb garden, as usual, when Nio suddenly appeared. She was exactly the same as back then... However, she soon disappeared. It seemed like she wanted to say something. Was it a spirit? Or an illusion? No, that was definitely the real Nio. I know it, I mean, I am her big sister after all! And one more thing... I met a spectacled man in front of Nio's grave. He seemed to know why Nio disappeared, but he wouldn't tell me any details. However, he told me to look into "alchemy" and glowing flowers and other things that I don't really understand before he left. But if those things are related to why Nio disappeared, then... No, if Nio is alive and out in the world somewhere, then there's only one thing I can do.
Going to Regina's House for the first time 150 Memory Pts ATK Up: Raises ATK
Artisan's Whetstone: You can make weapon-reinforcing items!
  • Vierzeberg
  • Regina
  • Someone Who Might Know
A Reliable Big Sister
To find someone who might know about Nio, I left the workshop for the first time in a while. I was really tired, and I couldn't have made it without Pana. Thanks! When I reached the village, I unexpectedly ran into Regina. Regina and I go way back. Oh, that reminds me, I didn't make any plans about where to stay. Regina said I could stay with her, so I did. I told her about the glowing flowers, and she said someone who knows about strange things live in Vierzeberg. Regina will introduce me to that person, so I'll leave my things at her place...and go to meet that person... Hmm, I'm really relying on Regina a lot. Regina is very reliable, so I just keep relying on her. With Regina's information, I'll definitely find a way to save Nio.
Meeting Wilbell at Vierzeberg Bridge 250 Memory Pts MP Up: Raises maximum MP
Magic Knowledge: 1 extra magic tool item can be made
  • Meeting Someone New
  • Candy
  • A Witch?
  • Dropped Wallet
  • Friend♪
A Little Witch?
Soon after coming to Vierzeberg, I became friends with a witch named Bell. She talked to me in the middle of town and I gave her candy. That's how it all started. She looks like a little girl, but she picked up my dropped wallet, so she's quite admirable. She said she'd help me, so I'll talk to her when I go out into the wild. When I think about it more, maybe she's lonely, being out here in a big city all by herself... Since I'm like her, maybe she's happy to have found a friend? I want to talk to Bell a lot and become closer with her.
Unlocking Harry's Room 200 Memory Pts MP Up: Raises maximum MP
HP Up+: Greatly raises maximum HP
  • Up the Hill
  • Harry's Trading House
  • Owner Knows Something
The Promise
I managed to meet Regina up the hill. She said she'll introduce me to someone who knows about rare items and flowers, so I decided to go right to that person's shop. Regina took me to a large shop, called Harry's Trading House. The shopkeeper, Marietta, is very with-it, but I wish she'd stop picking on me. The owner, Harry, is weird–er, interesting. No, he is a little weird. Unfortunately, he couldn't remember what he knows, but he said he'll try to remember. I really am grateful for Harry. In addition to trying to remember, he also decided to lend me a room for free. But, I can't just rely on the kindness of others. It seems Regina will also help me. Whether it's beind depended on as an apothecary or finding out about glowing flowers that'll help me save Nio...I have to do my best!
Showing Marion the ruins 100 Memory Pts SPD Up: Raises SPD
Refined Dye: You can make armor-reinforcing items!
  • Herb Garden
  • Fruit Hamsters
  • Gift for the Map
  • Government Work
Ruins Showing
I showed Marion the herb garden ruin near the workshop. She isn't too familiar with the area, so I'm happy I was able to help. I think she made progress on her work. That reminds me, it seems Marion really liked the fruit hamsters. I guess she likes cute things, but I also like cute things. I also received a map, so next time, I plan to bring her a fruit hamster as a gift. Hmm, or maybe put one in some kind of medicine... No, that won't work.
Finishing the slag extermination at Riesengang 250 Memory Pts SPD Up: Raises SPD
Bomb Knowledge: 1 extra bomb item can be made.
  • No.1 in Physical Strength
  • Slag Removal
  • Alcohol, Rather Than Money
  • Job Offer and Heavenly Jobs
Exterminating Slags
It seems that many slags have appeared in a ruin. When there are a lot of slags, they fill in the holes that the workers have dug, so it's a big problem for Regina. It seems this happens often, so the slags need to be exterminated. Whoever gets rid of the most slags gets an envelope of money and some of the boss's prized alcohol. When Regina heard about the alcohol, she got very excited. I had to do my best for Regina, since she's helping me out. I knew we could get rid of the slags. Just as the boss said, it seems Regina's stronger than the guys. In the end, Regina and I exterminated the most slags. Regina was just beaming when she received the alcohol. The boss asked me if I wanted to become a prospector, but I think I'm best at being an apothecary.
Going through the Tunnel with Nanaca and Juris 200 Memory Pts SPD Up: Raises SPD
Sundry Knowledge: 1 extra sundry item can be made.
  • Cowgirl Nanaca
  • Strong Older Brother
  • Wind's Way Through
  • Old Tunnel
  • Let's Meet Again
Fellow Travelers
At the end of a tunnel during my journey, I came across a herd of cows. It seems those cows traver wherever the wind takes them with their owner, Nanaca. After parting with Nanaca, I reached the tunnel with no problem, but the entrance had collapsed, so I couldn't get through. There, I ran into Nanaca again. While looking for another way, we found a place where the wind was blowing through, but there was a large boulder in the way. But, Nanaca's older brother, who is a huntsman, is extremely strong and moved the boulder for us. Thanks to him, we were able to pass through the tunnel. Thanks to her big brother, the monsters in the tunnel weren't so scary. I still have ways to go to find more clues about Nio, but I'll keep doing my best.
Unlocking Synthesis Skill 300 Memory Pts Discoverer
  • Alchemy?
  • Bombs
  • Begin Studying
My First Alchemy
I was wondering what alchemy is, and it seems like it's the same as what I've been doing to make medicine. But I was only making medicine as usual... So then, I decided to carefully read an alchemy book and give it a try. At first, I was nervous and didn't really think I could make anything. I ended up making a bomb, so I'm feeling a complex mix of emotions. The book said that only a few amazing people can use alchemy, but I don't feel that amazing. If I learn how to do alchemy properly, I might be able to rescue Nio. I don't know how it relates to glowing flowers, but if it'll save Nio, I can't waver.
Being tasked by Marion to investigate the Hallos Village 200 Memory Pts Friend
  • Overnight Change
  • The Bodyguard
A Strong Bodyguard
It seems that Marion got yet another new assignment. It was to investigate a village where all the inhabitants disappeared overnight. So, since Marion was so busy, she gave that job to me. The situation is similar to what happened to Nio, so it might give me some clues. It was decided that Linca would accompany me as my bodyguard. Even in such a strange place, having Linca with me gave me courage.
200 Memory Pts SPD Up: Raises maximum SPD
Synthesis Knowledge:
  • Bell's Teaching
  • Madder Iron
  • No Cheating
  • Obstinate Bell
Bell Doesn't Learn
200 Memory Pts MP Up: Raises maximum MP
Nomadic Shoes
  • Hallos Village
  • Keith
  • Mysterious Disappearances
  • Glowing Flowers
Hallos Village
100 Memory Pts PH RES Up
  • Life with Proper Regulations
  • Actually Good Friends?
  • Ranun Got the Wind Back
A Precious Balance
100 Memory Pts ATK Up: Raises ATK
  • Ernie
  • Medicine
  • The Landlord
Ernie and the Landlord
250 Memory Pts ATK Up: Raises ATK
Food Knowledge
  • The Black Thing
  • Skilled, Yet Unskilled
  • Marion's Dinner
  • Another Flag is Raised
200 Memory Pts HP Up: Raises maximum HP
Corrective Glasses
  • Harry
  • Glass Factory
  • Nio
The Glass Factory
100 Memory Pts ATK Up: Raises ATK
  • Fred
  • New Menu Item
  • Cute Meat Bread
New Bread
100 Memory Pts SPD Up: Raises maximum SPD
  • Precious Friends
  • Redeeming Myself
  • Insect-Repelling Grass
  • Year Supply of Milch Beans!
Redeeming Myself
300 Memory Pts HP Up: Raises maximum HP
Full Swing
  • Blooms Every 100 Years
  • 100 Years Worth of Nutrients
  • Place Where Nio is
Salt Nio
300 Memory Pts MP Up: Raises maximum MP
Water Knowledge
  • Dry Valley
  • Making it Rain
  • Flower That Waits for Rain
Nio in the Rain
250 Memory Pts Alchemy Studies
Alchemy Studies+
  • Requested Items
  • Keith
  • Passed
Alchemist Qualities
100 Memory Pts PH RES Up
  • Stubborn Boss
  • Marion's Work
  • A Bond Beginning to Bud
A Budding Bond
100 Memory Pts PH RES Up
  • Odelia
  • Sweets
  • Cavities
Can't Eat Sweets Time
300 Memory Pts MP Up: Raises maximum MP
Medicine Knowledge
  • Flower Analysis
  • Dream Meeting
  • Gave Candy
Nio in My Dreams