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Below is a listing of the events required to see all of Iksel's character events necessary to obtain trophies.

Atelier Rorona

Iksels's ending requires achieving the requirements for the Good Ending.

To trigger his events, it is necessary to have him in your party when traveling to the below locations, at which times he will find a special item.


  • Nearby Forest (Mudhead)
  • Ortoga Ruins (Triberries)
  • National Mines (Some Egg)
  • Traveler's Way (Sour Apple)
  • Catacombs (Mystery Mushroom, found after one other event in the area)
  • Ster Highlands (Some Egg, in the second area)
  • Nabel Lake (Swirly Shell)
  • Dark Woods (Dreamy Crown)
  • Night's Domain (Mystery Mushroom)

While unlocking these areas and triggering these events, events will occur at the Sunrise Cafe. The final event will be noted with a still image of Rorona working at the Cafe.


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