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Broom is a weapon type in the Atelier series. Commonly associated with witches, Wilbell Voll-Ersleid is its most prominent user.


Atelier Ayesha

Brooms can be equipped by Wilbell. She actually attacks with spells, using the broom only to amplify her magic and to fly.

List of brooms:

  • Magic Broom
  • Fancy Broom
  • Charm Broom
  • Maiden Broom
  • Spirit Broom

Atelier Escha & Logy

As in its predecessor, they can only be equipped by Wilbell, if the DLC that unlocks her is purchased or if playing the Plus version.

List of brooms:

  • Magician's Broom
  • Precision Broom
  • Meteor Broom

Atelier Shallie

Unlike its predecessors, brooms are used by Shallotte. Wilbell has stopped using them since she don't need them to fly anymore.

List of brooms:

  • Worn Out Broom
  • Convenient Broom
  • Stylish Broom
  • Magia Sumonitora
  • Alchemist's Broom