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Beaux Shrick (ビュウ・シュリック, Byū Shurikku) is a character in Atelier Annie: Alchemists of Sera Island.

Beaux meets Annie for the first time when Annie gives food to while he is "dying". Beaux is a beginning adventurer that somehow ended up on the island, possibly due to his poor sense of direction. He promises to stay in town until he returns a favor to Annie for saving his life. He is generally a pretty cheerful person.

Beaux gets angry easily when somebody accuses his brother, who he absolutely idolizes. When the Adventurers' Guild accuse his brother of being a thief, saying Beaux is no good either since he's related, it nearly causes a fight. His brother refused to join the Adventurer's Guild in the past, before he went on an adventure and never came back. He dislikes the Adventurer's Guild for this reason.

Before ending up on Sera Island, he was searching for his long lost brother.


Hiring him as a clerk:

You want me to watch the shop? Sounds boring... What!? I get free lunch!? I'm in! Any day of the year!

Meeting him as a clerk in your shop:

A facility with lots of outside activities? Leave it to me! No serious or complicated stuff for me, though...

Meeting him as a clerk in other places:

What's up, Annie? What? Yeah, I'm working! I was just taking my lunch break...

Making him join as a party member:

Sure thing! I like adventures! Would I get lost...? No way!...Just don't leave me behind!

Removing him as a party member:

I'll be happy to help again! Talk to me anytime!


  • His brother gave him a compass, which broke when he arrived unwillingly to Sera Island––which Annie fixes with alchemy later. He then leaves to search for him again, but he is soon carried by Hans to Annie's workshop saying that even though he does have a compass, he'll still get lost.
  • Beaux is possibly the fastest character in the game. Multiple events and in-game states support this.