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Atelier Marie is an album featuring arrangements of music from Atelier Marie: The Alchemist of Salburg by Tatsuya Murayama and Toshiki Kato.

Track List

  1. A Once-Beloved Picture Book
  2. I'm Working Right Now!
  3. The Wind and a Young Man
  4. One Clear Holiday ~ Academy Investigation
  5. The Bar Owner's Theme ~ With Peace and Smiling Faces
  6. The Object of Schia's Wish ~ A Single Promise
  7. The Adventurer's Song
  8. Magic of the Chrysalis
  9. Ancient Footsteps
  10. Snow and Memories
  11. Circles in the Water
  12. Let's Take a Walk with the Sun!
  13. Just Smiling is Fine

  1. 好きだった絵本
  2. 只今お仕事中!
  3. 風と少年~空を描く日
  4. ある晴れた休日~アカデミーの調べ
  5. 酒場の親父の曲~安らぎと微笑みと
  6. シアの願いごと~ひとつの約束
  7. 冒険者の唄
  8. 蛹の魔法
  9. いにしえの足音
  10. 雪と思い出
  11. 水の中の環
  12. お陽さまと散歩に行こう!
  13. 笑顔のままで



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