Accessories (Atelier Totori)

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Below is a list of all accessories that are available in Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland.

Accessories are pieces of equipment that can be attached for bonus effects.


Name Recipe Days MP Level Effects Unlock
A12 Item 120.png
Gnardi Ring
[Ingot] x2
[Jewel] x1
Forgotten Bone x1
3.0 18 28 Speed Rune
Protection Rune
Power Rune
Jewelry For You
A12 Item 121.png
[Jewel] x1
Polish Powder x1
[Mystery] x1
2.5 19 30 Resist S
Resist M
Resist L
Traditional Crafts
A12 Item 122.png
Mercurius Eye
Glass Beads x1
[Ingot] x1
Mermaid Tear x1
2 16 27 Hit+ S
Hit+ M
Hit+ L
Critical+ S
Critical+ M
Critical+ L
Jewelry For You
A12 Item 123.png
Spirit Necklace
Sylph Breath x1
Komet x1
Audra's Tail x1
[Ingot] x1
3.5 22 33 Earth Shield
Lightning Shield
Ice Shield
Fire Shield
Shiny Items
A12 Item 124.png
Gibate Ankh
Mystery Ankh x1
Arland Crystal x1
Snow Stone x1
[Ingot] x1
2.5 15 24 Good Fortune
Great Learner
Earth Cloak
Lightning Cloak
Ice Cloak
Fire Cloak
Jewelry For You
A12 Item 125.png
Angel Charm
Azure Wing x1
Arland Crystal x1
Magic Chain x1
4 28 40 Blessed Action
Null Ailments
Resist Death
Epic Poems
A12 Item 126.png
Warrior Mask
[Lumber] x2
Ether Ink x1
Fluffy Fur x2
3.5 19 28 Assist +
Hero Soul
HP Regen S
HP Regen M
HP Regen L
Epic Poems
A12 Item 127.png
Mythical Ring
[Ingot] x2
[Elixir] x1
Spirit Stone x1
4 27 38 Transference
Muscle Atrophy
Block S
Block M
Block L
Epic Poems
A12 Item 128.png
Shadow Band
Ingot x1
Gravistone x1
3.5 34 50 Accelerate
HP Degen
Epic Poems
A12 Item 129.png
Zettel x2
[Mystery] x1
2.5 19 31 Guts S
Guts M
Guts L
Rorona Danger Book
A12 Item 130.png
Camo Cloak
[Threads] x2
Ether Ink x1
Magic Paint x1
3 21 33 Evade+ S
Evade+ M
Evade+ L
Dress Meister